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One Anakin Quote Shows the Real Reason He Could Never Forgive Obi-Wan

The fall of Anakin Skywalker is the central tragedy of Star Wars’ Skywalker Saga, but it turns out that the Sith Lord’s animosity towards his mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi had a tragic hidden component. Obi-Wan Kenobi trained Anakin at the behest of his own master, Qui-Gon Jinn, but the Chosen One’s rage and grief eventually corrupted him, creating Darth Vader. For years, Vader hated Obi-Wan, having been struck down by his mentor and left for dead while also believing the Jedi had worked to turn his true love Padmé against him. However, there’s another, far darker reason Vader hated Obi-Wan so obsessively.

One of the key facets of Darth Vader’s existence is that he is constantly fueled by hate and rage, despising himself, his master Palpatine, and the all-but-extinguished Jedi order which stands against them. While Anakin Skywalker is ultimately reawakened by the love of his son, Darth Vader is relentless in the disdain and loathing he holds towards his enemies – none more than Obi-Wan, who struck him down on Mustafar, leading to Palpatine rebuilding him as his cyborg servant.

However, in Darth Vader #24 – from Kieron Gillen, Salvador Larroca, Edgar Delgado, and Joe Caramagna – a vision exposes Vader’s hidden reason for hating Obi-Wan. Having been deactivated by the twisted scientist Cylo, Vader dives into his subconscious in an attempt to break free. There, readers see his Mustafar battle with Obi-Wan play out once again, but this time with an extra line. After Obi-Wan rails against Anakin’s actions and accusingly states, “I loved you,” Anakin screams back, branding him a coward and a liar. He then states, “If you loved me, Obi-Wan, you would have killed me.”

Anakin Throws Obi-Wan’s Love Back in His Face
obi-wan and anakin final battle darth vader quote
Through Vader’s subconscious, fans learn that Anakin doesn’t just hate Obi-Wan for mutilating him, but for not finishing the job. Choking on his rage and grief, Anakin has lived every moment since his defeat in physical and emotional pain, and this statement makes it clear that deep down, he blames his mentor for not sparing him that fate. By leaving Anakin to his fiery fate rather than providing a quick end, Obi-Wan allowed Palpatine to rebuild him, adding to Anakin’s torture. It’s notable that Anakin’s focus is on this fact rather than on Obi-Wan striking him down – it seems that he hates the Jedi most not for the immense harm done to his body or for ‘turning’ Padmé against him, but for not freeing him from the torturous state he existed in as Darth Vader.

Obi-Wan DID Fail Anakin
star wars darth vader imagines obi-wan killing anakin
This sense of abandonment is all the more devastating because it’s not built on a misunderstanding. Ultimately, Obi-Wan didn’t undermine Anakin with Padmé, and he only struck down his former apprentice when he was left with no choice. In hating Obi-Wan for these actions, Anakin is ultimately seeing the world from a warped perspective. However, Obi-Wan did leave Anakin to suffer after defeating him, and it’s not unreasonable that Anakin would want a man who claims to love him as a brother to free him from his suffering with lethal mercy. Obi-Wan initially took non-lethal vows as a Jedi, but there’s no kindness in refusing to end Anakin quickly, just the kind of self-serving sentimentality that the Sith hate in their Jedi opposites.

Anakin Skywalker ultimately ended up hating Obi-Wan Kenobi for many misguided reasons, but Darth Vader’s subconscious response to the Jedi’s final declaration of love in the Star Wars prequels shows the real reason he could never forgive him. To Anakin Skywalker, the greatest kindness that Obi-Wan Kenobi could have shown him as Darth Vader was to end his suffering, and in failing to do so, the Jedi proved that while he might have loved his padawan, that love wasn’t enough to sacrifice his righteousness and end his brother’s suffering.


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