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‘Little People, Big World’: Some Fans Are Complaining About the Roloff Farms Pumpkin Season Fees

TLC fans continue to keep up with the Roloff Farms drama that started on Little People, Big World. This past season of the show, Matt Roloff shared that he planned on selling several acres of Roloff Farms property, much to the dismay of Zach Roloff and Amy Roloff. With that said, he’s still moving forward with pumpkin season — though some fans are unimpressed with the outrageous prices.

Matt Roloff is prepping Roloff Farms for pumpkin season in 2022
Roloff Farms pumpkin season is a blast for Little People, Big World fans. The season runs from Oct. 1 through October 30, 2022, and visitors can pick pumpkins and participate in the property’s festivities. Typically, all of the Roloffs attend pumpkin season, as fans love to get their pictures taken with the family. However, it’s unclear who will attend the 2022 season due to Matt Roloff and Zach Roloff’s feud. Matt posted an Instagram photo of Halloween decorations on the farm on Sept. 28, 2022. “Diving head first into Pumpkin Season starting this Saturday,” he captioned the post. “If you’ve never been to @rolofffarms … then you’ve never been. … Huh?? Wait? What? … Anyway … come out this Saturday on opening day and get yourself on #lpbw … don’t forget to sign the release form at the entry gates. We’ll be filming away. See you soon.”

‘Little People, Big World’ fans are upset by the high prices
While Little People, Big World fans love the idea of visiting Roloff Farms during pumpkin season, the prices may keep many potential visitors far away. General admission to the farm is $27 per person, and that doesn’t include a pumpkin. Pumpkins are sold for 74 cents per pound. The entrance fee includes “free parking, entrance to the farm, all scenic trail and adventure walk activities, and our famous group wagon tour!” according to the website. Some fans on Reddit are complaining about the entry price.

One fan wrote, “$27 for the privilege to step onto Matt Roloff’s property and you still have to pay for a pumpkin. NOPE!!” “What?! Seriously?!” another fan wrote. “Well, that explains his ripping off Amy in the sale of the property/house she sold him and whatever he did to both his boys to the point they limit their interactions with him. What a guy! NOT.” Other fans think Matt Roloff is providing a fair deal to fans. “As others have said, that does seem pretty average to me,” another fan wrote. “Take into account the fact that it’s basically like a tourist destination. It even seems kind of cheap. I’m sure people go there not necessarily for the pumpkin patch but just because it’s Roloff Farms.”

How much does Roloff Farms make during pumpkin season?
There’s no doubt that Roloff Farms pulls in a healthy income during pumpkin season. So, how much does the Little People, Big World property make? According to Distractify, it’s estimated that Roloff Farms brings in about 30,000 visitors annually, with the vast majority during pumpkin season. This means the farm could bring in about $900,000 yearly, with most of that money coming in the fall. This estimate also doesn’t consider the other offerings on Roloff Farms, which include private tours and weddings.


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