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Dakota Johnson, stepdaughter of Antonio Banderas, sells products for sexual well-being

Dakota Johnson has linked her image to a peculiar business initiative. Dakota Johnson , as far as is known now, is not satisfied with making a living as an actress, which is with moderate success: she is also a partner in a company that is dedicated to selling a series of articles and products “to have fun in bed” . More finely, she says that it is for sexual well -being . From toys to lubricants and some special jellies that stimulate, according to their manufacturers, the male and female libido. In that business, her colleague Gwyneth Paltrow already anticipated her, who through Goop, via the Internet, recommends users to try jade eggs, or some treatments that increase sexual potential. Both “are getting rich”.

Let’s go back to Dakota, daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, granddaughter of the legendary Tippi Hedren and then, for a few years, stepdaughter of our Antonio Banderas, who gave her the opportunity to make her film debut in the film he directed, Crazy in Alabama along with Stella del Carmen, daughter of the actor and Melanie. Both appeared as her daughters, her real mother.

Dakota Johnson will be thirty-three years old on October 4, a native of Austin, Texas. She had a good education and has dedicated herself both to the cinema and to her facet as a businesswoman and also a model. Of her films, we may not remember most of them here, but we do remember a saga that was preceded by a certain scandal due to the eroticism of her episodes: 50 shades of Gray . Dakota was Anastasia “Ana” Steele. Her role undoubtedly provided her with the greatest publicity impact, although she has confessed that if she had known the ins and outs of filming, she would have thought well of participating in it: “It’s not that I completely regret it, because I learned secrets of sexuality in this film from the messed up, but for me it turned out to be somewhat psychotic in the end”.

In addition to her profession as an actress, she has participated in advertising campaigns announcing glasses, shoes, fine lingerie, perfumes, especially for the Gucci house. As for loves, as a young girl she was related to boys and for six years, until 2011, she lived with the musician Noah Gersh, later and for three years she was the girlfriend of actor Jordan Masterson, and then they paired up for a short period, two years , with the Welsh musician and model Matthew Hitt, lead singer of the band Drowners. Since 2017 and until now, her sentimental partner is the British musician and singer Chris Martin.


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