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Why Little People, Big World Fans Think Caryn’s Flirting With Chris Marek

Little People Big World fans have been skeptical about Caryn Chandler from day one, and now some believe that she might have some interest in Amy Roloff’s husband, Chris Marek. Since she started making an appearance on the hit reality TV show, Caryn has been called a lot of things, and the names just keep getting worse. Now fans believe that Caryn has an eye for Chris, which is why she constantly flirts with him on television.

Caryn had been working on Roloff Farms for a little over a decade before she and Matt Roloff went public with their relationship. Although both of them have denied the allegations, many Little People Big World fans actually believe that they were seeing each other long before Matt and Amy’s separation. The assumption is that Matt had been cheating on Amy with Caryn. Viewers believe that taking Matt Roloff away from Amy wasn’t enough for Caryn, which is why she flirts with Chris. Fans believe that Caryn has an interest in Amy’s new man, and might be looking to take him away from Amy as she did Matt.

In a Reddit thread started by u/garys-guitar, LPBW fans discuss just how uncanny Caryn’s behavior toward Chris has been for the past few seasons on the show. Caryn’s flirtatious attitude toward Chris hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans, and many believe that her behavior is uncalled-for. Redditor u/whatsupwiththat22 aired their opinion on the issue by saying, “Your rant has been my rant for a long time so thank you for posting! Whenever Caryn gets around Chris she is just sooo creepy!” LPBW fans believe that even though Amy’s relationship with Chris is very secure, she should still watch out for Caryn Chandler and keep her at arm’s length.

Amy and Caryn might get along with each other for the show and the family, but viewers believe that both women are anything but friends. On Little People Big World season 17, when Amy did a solo piece interview, she was asked about her opinion on Matt dating Caryn, and her opinion on Caryn in general. She basically said she can’t give her real opinion on camera. This and many other reasons have fueled the general belief among fans that both women dislike each other, but are trying to appear cordial for the cameras.

It’s hard to say how long Caryn and Amy can pretend to keep getting along with each other, if that is what they’ve been doing. So far they seem to hide whatever alleged hatred they have for each other very well, and Little People Big World fans can only hope it continues this way, mostly for the continuation of the show and for other family members.


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