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Roswell, New Mexico: The Significance of Max Accepting His Destiny

Since the beginning, Max had fought the concept that he had a larger purpose than being a guy from Roswell. Max’s biggest dream was to be with Liz, and sometimes he considered his powers to be an obstacle to that wish. No matter how much Max wanted things to be simple and easy for him and Liz, there was always something that got in the way, including her own uncertainty about when the other shoe would drop after they had been happy for a while without interruption. But, the idea that Max was always meant for something bigger than Roswell hung in the background of the series. There must have been something else he was fated to do for all his powers and abilities, especially after discovering the truth about Jones.

Max embracing his destiny and leaving for Oasis after desperately wanting to remain on Earth is a massive sign of development for Max. Michael and Isobel had worked toward being more accepting of their abilities and wishing for answers, but Max feared anything that could interrupt his life with Liz. Max’s choice to accept and step into his fate while having confidence in his relationship with Liz shows Max stepping into the man he was always meant to be.
He Fought It For So Long

Fighting destiny can feel like fighting the inevitable. No matter how hard Max tried, he could not escape what seemed to be an uncertain but sure fate that there was more to his life than the small town cop in Roswell that he wanted to be. Max wanted to be a regular guy who did not have to worry about superpowers or questionable backstories. Although Max did want to know more about his past, he was never as intrigued by his powers or interested in the prospect of their home planet as Michael or Isobel. When Max finally understands that his capabilities allow him to save an entire planet’s worth of people, he can not let so many individuals die when he can save them. Although it is uncertain how long Max will be away, he plans on returning to Earth.

Embracing His Abilities

When Max’s powers start developing in season four with the blue flame, it starts impacting Liz. Max’s fear of harming her only drives his abilities further, bringing pain to Liz whenever he tries to touch her. Rather than work through his skills and learn how to control them, Max takes the easy way out, having his powers removed when he realizes it is a possibility. Although Max partially claims it prevents Clyde from getting his hands on the blue flame, it is also Max’s fear driving him. He wants a life with Liz, and his powers are preventing that.

Getting rid of them while allowing Max to be a regular guy seems like the answer to Max’s life-long quest. Except, it is not that easy. Liz is furious at Max’s decision. Not only did he do it without discussing it with anyone first, but he also left himself, and their friends defenseless, given that Michael was also missing his powers. Max taking his powers back and learning how to control the blue flame at Tezca’s instruction gives Max control over his powers and the chance to embrace his capabilities.

Proves His Character Development

Although Max had developed throughout the show’s four seasons, one of the most significant drawbacks of his character was his refusal to embrace his powers fully. That element consistently held Max back in his growth. However, when he assumes his powers and his destiny, it shows Max is evolving as a person. By gaining control over his powers and learning the full extent of what he can do, Max is getting a better understanding of what his powers mean and, in the end, how he can help save an entire planet.

At times, it seemed no matter what happened, Max would stubbornly refuse to understand the full scope of what he was capable of, as if learning the range of his abilities would only bring disaster. However, Max would also grow frustrated that other aliens tended to know far more about who he was than Max did. Taking the time to learn more about himself, how Jones’ actions resulted in a vast array of powers, and what he can do gives Max more urgency against the show’s antagonists. Although Max’s powers are not all that he is, having a grasp of how they affect his life and what he can do with them are significant parts of the show. Max may be helpful without his powers, but accepting his capabilities and how they can help others, rather than thinking about how they negatively affect him, were significant parts of his evolution.


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