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MCU Exec Admits Thor 4 Director’s ‘Extreme’ Ideas Scared Marvel Studios Team (At First)

Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder recently became available to stream on Disney+ after a rollercoaster ride of emotions from fans during its run in theaters this summer. The Thor sequel saw extreme reactions from both sides of the spectrum after director Taika Waititi unleashed his full super-powered vision on Chris Hemsworth’s latest solo outing.

Following Thor 4’s arrival on Disney+, its cast and crew have had the opportunity to discuss some of the wild decisions that went into bringing the story and characters to life as Thor reunited with Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster and others. This even includes a closer look at Brett Goldstein’s introduction as Hercules, which was one of the sequel’s biggest moments that Marvel kept hidden in its first post-credits scene. Now, looking back at more of these wild ideas, one of Marvel Studios’ top executives shared insight into why the Thor 4 team went as far as they did with this film’s crazy plot.

Thor 4 Director Brought Extreme Ideas to the Table
In a chat with SyFy, Marvel Studios Director of Visual Development Andy Park discussed the process behind some of director Taika Waititi’s wild ideas for Thor: Love and Thunder, which premiered in theaters in July 2022.Park shared how much fun it was to work with Waititi, explaining how his Thor movies are so much different from the first two even with the same character in Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. He even explained that this is how Thor is in the comics when written by different comic artists like Michael Straczynski and the late Stan Lee:

“Working with Taika was just lots of fun. We’re creating all these characters, but we’re also working with each individual filmmaker and they all have their own voice. We have four Thor movies, but the third and fourth are quite different from the first two. And yet, it’s the same character. That’s the exact same models as Marvel Comics, right? The way Stan Lee wrote Thor is quite different from someone like Michael Straczynski.” Park also noted how Waititi isn’t “scared to try something,” always willing to push the design or story to an “extreme” level, which would help find the best middle-ground despite initially scaring Marvel Studios’ visual team:

“It was really fun to get back into the Thor world with Taika because I know when I work with him, I’m in for a ride. He’s so much fun. He’s constantly joking around and he’s really just entertaining [Laughs]. But his ideas are very extreme and out there. He’s not scared to try something. There might be times when we’re scared [and say] ‘Ahhh, I don’t know…that might be a little too far design-wise.’ So he’ll like push us to be like, ‘Hey, let’s go there.’ Whether that becomes the design or we pivot back a little bit, we wouldn’t have found this pivot without going to the extreme. That’s Taika pretty much in a nutshell.”


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