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X-Men: Henry Cavill stuns as Cyclops in jaw-dropping image

Fans are eager to see the X-Men debut in the MCU and Henry Cavill looks nothing short of epic in this image as the long-time X-Men leader, Cyclops.The X-Men will soon be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A timeline for when exactly this will be remains unclear, but we know it’s only a matter of time before Marvel finally calls upon the roster of X-Men heroes and villains — especially after mutants were finally introduced in the MCU via the Ms. Marvel finale!

When the time comes for the X-Men to make their debut in the MCU, it’s undeniable that there are certain characters more likely to be among the first wave — after all, we can’t imagine Marvel leaving the franchise’s most iconic characters on the bench.Among those expected to be included in the first wave of X-Men heroes introduced in the MCU is one of the team’s long-time leaders, Scott Summers aka Cyclops. As an original member of the X-Men team, we’re all but certain Cyclops will be front and center as the X-Men arrive in the MCU. The biggest mystery is who exactly will play him within the MCU.There are a lot of great actors who could play the role, including one actor who has already taken the comic book genre by storm: Henry Cavill.What Henry Cavill might look like as Cyclops in the MCUAs speculation about Henry Cavill potentially coming to the MCU continues, artist Daniel Savage took to Instagram to share a stunning edit envisioning Cavill in full costume as Cyclops.

In the jaw-dropping concept art, Cavill trades in Superman’s cape for Cyclop’s iconic visor in drawing inspiration from the character’s most recent costume update. Although Cavill’s face is mostly covered due to the nature of the character’s costume, there is no denying he looks absolutely incredible as Cyclops with the concept art making a strong argument for why Cavill should play the leader of the X-Men when it comes time to introduce the X-Men team into the MCU.Now that the MCU has introduced mutants, there’s no telling when they might finally begin entering the fold. We can only hope that when the time finally comes, Henry Cavill is on hand to join the mix be it as Cyclops or another hero from the X-Men comics.

Is Henry Cavill playing Cyclops in the MCU?

Currently, it is not known whether Henry Cavill will be playing Cyclops in the MCU, but it does appear Marvel is in conversations to bring Cavill over from the DC Extended Universe to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
According to a 2021 report from HyperBeast, Cavill was said to have visited the Marvel offices in London to have conversations with brass about the potential to join the MCU. While the specifics of the meeting between Cavill’s team and the Marvel brass are unconfirmed, it is said the meeting was part of efforts from Marvel to bring Cavill into the MCU as DC looked to retire his Superman.

The fact that Marvel met with Cavill is a promising sign for those hoping to see Cavill take on a role in the MCU. There are a lot of characters Cavill could play with a role in the X-Men being a standout favorite among fans.It would definitely be interesting to see Cavill suit up as Cyclops and see what he could bring to the character as a leader of the X-Men. It would also be a bit of an unexpected casting move with many looking to Cavill as a possible favorite for the roles of Wolverine or Captain Britain.Regardless of who Cavill might play, the prospect of him joining the MCU is definitely exciting and something we’ll be keeping an eye on!

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