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The Flash plans to bring back Arrow hero in season 9

The Flash bosses plan to bring back a major Arrow hero in season 9. While nothing is confirmed yet, it’s looking like Katherine McNamara might be returning to Central City as Oliver and Felicity’s daughter Mia Smoak from the future. Flash showrunner Eric Wallace recently confirmed that while Mia won’t be popping up in the back-half of season eight, the door remains open.

katherine mcnamara as mia, arrow season 8
Warner Brothers Related: DC’s Arrowverse future is addressed after Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow cancellations “I do hope to have her back in season 9,” the producer told TVLine. Mia last helped Team Flash during the Armageddon crossover earlier in the season, with Katherine McNamara refusing to rule out another return at the time. “I would love nothing more than to come play in the Arrowverse again,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “Truly, if anybody needs a gal to come shoot some arrows at some bad guys in a cool supersuit, just cast a green arrow in the sky and I’ll come running.”

katherine mcnamara as mia queen the flash season 8
The CW Mia might not be the only character from the wider Arrowverse who pops up in The Flash next year, but it’s looking unlikely fans will see the Legends of Tomorrow crossover. Eric Wallace admitted earlier this year: “As much as I’d love to do that, that’s not something that is very easy to do in a season when I may have to wrap up my own story. I want to be honest, and not get anybody’s hopes up!”

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