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Snowpiercer’s Lena Hall Responds to Co-Star Sean Bean’s Intimacy Coordinator Criticism

Snowpiercer star Lena Hall recently responded to critical remarks made by her co-star Sean Bean about the TNT post-apocalyptic dystopian thriller’s use of an intimacy coordinator.

Hall, who plays Miss Audrey in the show, addressed Bean’s comments in a lengthy thread on Twitter. The actor insisted that her theater background doesn’t mean that she is “up for anything,” noting that her comfort with performing sex scenes depends on who she is acting opposite, the scene’s content, the director involved, and which other members of the crew will be on set. Hall then praised Bean’s conduct during their scenes together in Snowpiercer. “[Sean] made me feel not only comfortable but also like I had a true acting partner in those bizarre scenes. It was us against the world and we were gonna tell that story,” she tweeted.

Hall went on to say that while she doesn’t always need an intimacy coordinator present during filming, she will ask for one “if there is any part of me that is feeling weird, gross, [or] over-exposed.” She added that since acting out “extremely emotional” scenes causes actors to experience trauma, it’s important to have a mental health professional on hand to offer them support. “I do feel that intimacy coordinators are a welcome addition to the set and think they could also help with the trauma experienced in other scenes,” Hall tweeted. “Sometimes you need ’em sometimes you don’t but every single person and scene and experience is different.”

Snowpiercer Reaches its Final Destination with Season 4
Hall has portrayed Miss Audrey throughout all three of Snowpiercer’s seasons released to date and reprises the role once more in the show’s upcoming fourth and final season. Fans began speculating about Snowpiercer’s fate after TNT announced that it was no longer producing scripted TV shows. There was some hope that the series’ cult status could save it from cancellation, however, this ultimately proved not to be the case.

Production is now underway on Snowpiercer Season 4, although it recently ground to a halt following a series of hospitalizations among the cast and crew. Snowpiercer’s production company Tomorrow Studios confirmed that soaring temperatures on the show’s outdoor set in British Columbia, Canada, were to blame for the shutdown. “[P]roduction of Snowpiercer wrapped early yesterday and was suspended for today due to extreme heat on location,” a Tomorrow Studios spokesperson said. “The health and well-being of the show cast and crew remains top priority.”

The show’s final season will likely face other creative challenges as well, including how to keep the story feeling fresh despite it being set almost exclusively on a single, futuristic train. Director Christoph Schrewe discussed the Snowpiercer crew’s guiding rule for tackling this particular narrative restriction in a previous interview. “Our basic baseline is always, ‘What would actually happen in this situation? How we ground it in a reality, this story of this train?'” he said.

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