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Roswell, New Mexico: Main Characters’ Endings, Ranked

At first, Max, Isobel, and Michael desired to keep their alien nature a secret from everyone. However, once Liz discovered the truth, eventually, many people who would become essential to them as well, including Kyle, Alex, and Maria, would learn it as well. Roswell, New Mexico, showed the initial struggles and conflicts its central characters had, whether it be found in supernatural powers or dealing with mourning a lost loved one. However, over time, Roswell, New Mexico, broadened the scope beyond small-town alien questions and mysteries, expanding the group to be far more involved, including its connections to Oasis, the alien home planet.As time passed, Max, Michael, and Isobel finally learned more about their backstory after wondering about the truth for so long. However, everyone went on significant character arcs and journeys as well. One of the forefront character arcs followed Max Evans, desperate to only be a guy from Roswell and refused to acknowledge the destiny that seemed inevitable anyway. However, he was not the only one searching for answers, a home, and a purpose. Everyone fought for their place in the world, and as Roswell, New Mexico, officially ended, many of the main characters found the closure they needed or took steps toward what they believed could be the next chapter in their lives.

9 Maria

Although Maria lost her visions, she did not lose all her powers. After Alex slid through the sinkhole, he could psychically reach Maria. Maria learned more about her alien abilities, latching onto Dallas as her initial safe space in the series finale. Maria has been working toward a better grasp of her powers since she discovered them. Maria has come a long way since initially fighting her mother on whether visions were genuine. As the show concluded, Maria and Dallas got closer to being romantically together, but his decision to leave for Oasis separates them. However, that does not mean that Maria has not learned more about what she wants for herself.

8 Dallas

For the most part, Dallas spent most of season four trying to follow the pieces and clues his father had left behind. Dallas was trying to understand his father’s work while simultaneously trying to figure out what path he should take in his life. In the conclusion, he has finally figured it out. Dallas’ path may not be on Earth at all, at least not in the short term. Dallas’ decision to join Max’s journey to Oasis gives Dallas the chance to better understand the home planet and have a better grasp of what his father had worked so hard for.

7 Rosa

Rosa had initially struggled as a teenager. But, when she is revived from the alien pod, Rosa is given another chance at life and ever since strives not to mess it up. She works hard to give herself a better chance and leans into her art to help her find happiness. Rosa eventually leaves Roswell for New York to get a fresh start in life, away from the alien drama and conflicts that surround her life in Roswell. However, when Rosa returns home in season four, she does so with a fresh perspective on her life and a better grasp of her powers. In the end, Rosa returns to New York, having helped her family and knowing that things will be okay for them.

6 Alex

After spending most of the season absent, Michael finally reunites with Alex with little time in the series left. Alex is sick from being a human trapped in Theo’s alien-made world and is worried he will not survive an escape and wishes to marry Michael before that.Although Alex survives his time there as everyone escapes, it is mentioned that Kyle is helping heal Alex, but it is never shown how Kyle saves him. Alex is also missing from most of the series finale, with a mention of him being off-screen and working. However, the most significant chunk of time Alex is involved in is also what makes his ending so important. Alex and Michael finally get married in front of their friends and family, with Alex choosing to take Michael’s last name.

5 Kyle

Kyle spends most of the final season pining for Isobel, and Isobel finally reciprocates his feelings in the penultimate episode. Otherwise, Kyle is busy working on science with Liz and Allie Meyers to help their friends and help Liz heal her memory problems. Kyle had proven to be Liz’s rock and undying supporter. He showed his loyalty to his friends and wished to be with Isobel, with their final scene together, having them be happy and acknowledging that sitting calmly by the fireplace was perfect.

4 Isobel

Season four fills in some blanks of Isobel’s childhood, showing her training as a child. Isobel has taken full authority of her identity and abilities, something she had struggled with in the aftermath of the dark truth surrounding her failed marriage. Romantically, Isobel’s refusal to reveal the truth about herself, Max, and Michael to her partners, ends with Kyle. Kyle knew Isobel was an alien and had fallen in love with her knowing the whole truth. She did not have to hide the truth from him, something she hated doing with her previous girlfriend and what she believed to have been doing with her husband. Isobel can finally live truthfully and happily in a relationship in addition to securing further ownership of her own identity and abilities.

3 Liz

Although science has always been an integral part of who Liz is as a person, one of the biggest journeys she goes on in the final season follows her uncertainties about saying yes to Max’s proposal. How can she agree to marry him and be happy when she is waiting for the next terrible thing to happen? When it does happen, Liz wants to be ready.Science and love are at the core of Liz’s final season storylines, and she handles both to the best of her ability. She eventually understands the difference between interest and obsession and what she is willing to risk for love. Liz is the one to finally propose to Max, and although he leaves shortly after saying yes, he does so with the promise to return, and Liz finally seems entirely sure of where she stands regarding two of the biggest impacts on her life.

2 Max

Max has spent most of the series fighting against his destiny. Max constantly viewed his abilities as a burden on the life he wanted to share with Liz. It was a continually frustrating element, especially as Liz always encouraged Max to learn more about his abilities and never wanted him not to have them. She saw he was more than his powers, but also understood the advantage their group had due to them. As the series concluded, Max finally got his abilities back and learned to control the blue flame rather than be scared of his powers. Doing so gave him more control but also suggested he had finally accepted who he was and what he was capable of. Taking that step also meant accepting his destiny to save Oasis from dying. Max got to end the series knowing he would return to Liz but also stepping into a destiny he had fought against for so long.

1 Michael

For a person who had wanted to return to Oasis more than anyone else, Michael perhaps has the best ending for understanding a completely different definition of home. Michael had been searching for where he belonged for so long that he had not even noticed he had stumbled into it. Michael had grown a chosen family and a meaningful and lasting relationship with Alex. Although Michael is distracted by the potential of returning to Oasis, that is thrown to the side the second Michael learns Alex is missing. When Michael reunites with Alex, he admits he had considered going back but had then realized he and Alex were building the home that Michael had always wanted to have. Michael and Alex’s wedding, along with Michael choosing Alex and Earth over Oasis, shows how far he has grown.

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