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Pretty Little Liars: Main Couples’ Endings, Ranked

From Aria and Ezra to Hanna and Caleb, which couples had the best endings?

Throughout seven seasons, Pretty Little Liars portrayed various relationships for the main characters. But, for most of the series, some select prominent couples took up most of the screen time. Viewers were given glimpses into the Liars’ romantic lives during their exciting time in high school, showing the developing dynamics between the central pairings that would eventually end the series together. It created a fresher perspective when Pretty Little Liars jumped five years into the future. Everyone had broken up with their respective partners, making room for new relationships, such as the controversial and brief romance between Spencer and Caleb or recent conflicts standing in the way of reconciliations.

When Pretty Little Liars ended, it would have been a genuine surprise had anyone ended up with someone who had not been a central couple or teased pairing during their high school years. However, given everything everyone had gone through, things were not necessarily perfect for any couple, even after the final credits rolled. But that does not mean that Pretty Little Liars did not resolve to hint at the future for each couple as the series aired its last episodes.

Aria And Ezra
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Even though Aria and Ezra’s relationship concludes with the duo getting married, it is a romance that should have ended differently. Aria and Ezra’s happy conclusion reinforces problematic and dangerous suggestions about a healthy relationship. Ezra began the affair with a series of lies, including taking a job at Rosewood High School to get closer to the Liars to work on his true crime novel, meaning he knew who Aria was and her age when they met. After Aria learned the truth, it resulted in her becoming physically sick. She was horrified and disgusted by his actions and that she had had a relationship with him the entire time.

After the time jump, Pretty Little Liars reveals that Aria had written a police report she had never submitted, directly calling Ezra a predator and calling him out for abusing his power on an underage student. Her fear that he will discover the legitimate report causes her to join the A.D. team, which has Aria betraying her friends, including destroying Emily and Allison’s nursery. Even though Byron claims that Ezra had earned his and Ella’s respect, it is never shown on-screen how Ezra accomplished this. It comes across that the series needed to absolve these issues before ending, even though Ella and Byron were entirely in the right to hate Ezra. Although Pretty Little Liars tries to draw a romantic conclusion for Aria and Ezra, it does not work, especially as the series finale highlights the duo’s issues.

Spencer And Toby
Spencer and Toby started interestingly enough. However, once Toby was no longer a suspect for the endless questions surrounding “A” and Allison’s disappearance, the parts that made Toby the most intriguing seemed to disappear as well. As the final season comes around, Toby is happily engaged to Yvonne, a woman he had started dating during the time jump. Sadly, Yvonne dies moments after Toby and Yvonne place rings on each other’s hands. Maybe Toby’s happy ending with Spencer could have been better had it not happened because Toby’s fiancé died. However, it also did not help that Toby had been sexually assaulted by Spencer’s twin sister Alex twice. Spencer and Toby do not seem to be entirely back together by the show’s final moments. However, they would likely have a lot to work through.

Emily And Allison
ly and Allison’s romance feels like it is a long-time coming by the time they finally get together, the reasons behind it are relatively uncomfortable. Emily and Allison do not get together until after “A” goes too far and impregnates Allison with Emily’s stolen eggs. Then, as they prepare to be parents, Emily and Allison take the final steps toward a romantic relationship. They had had one of the longest potential romances with Emily’s feelings for Allison, dating back to the flashbacks before Allison disappeared. Their ending finds the duo engaged, with Allison proposing, a nice switch from the suggestion that Emily was usually the one pining for Allison. By the series finale of Pretty Little Liars, Emily and Allison appear to be in a good place.

Hanna And Caleb
Hanna and Caleb’s ending comes after ups and downs and an impromptu wedding when the future is uncertain. They have already been married for a year in the series finale and are trying to have a baby. Still, they have minor conflicts regarding what to do about Mona and how married life is not quite how either hoped it would be. Still, Hanna and Caleb seem to work out their problems and get back on equal footing, with Hanna even revealing she is pregnant. Hanna and Caleb have had plenty of highs and lows throughout their relationship. However, they are also one of the show’s better examples of working through conflicts and coming out the other side in a better place.

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