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One-Punch Man Announces Special Manga Double Release

The battle against the Monster Association continues in the pages of One-Punch Man’s manga, as Saitama is currently in the throes of what might be his biggest battle to date while taking on Garou in his most monstrous form. Now, the series featuring the hero for fun is set to have a big summer as two new chapters are planned to be released, which might just push Saitama to his limits for the first time, with there not being one villain that has been able to challenge him to date.

In the latest chapters of One-Punch Man, Garou has achieved a new level of power, and is now attempting to defeat Saitama in an honest one-on-one battle. With the hero-killer being handily defeated by Saitama in the past with a simple blow, it seems that this time might be different as the war between the heroes and the monsters continues. Shockingly enough, Garou was able to survive a punch from Saitama, but the battle is far from finished as the hero for fun has been merely toying with the monstrous antagonist in their fight so far. However, with Garou’s form apparently twisting as a result of his anger, perhaps the evil martial artist might do something that no other creature has managed to do. One-Punch Man is set to release the twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth volumes of its manga this summer, with the first arriving this May and the second landing shortly after in June, potentially bringing to an end the battle between Saitama and Garou in a way that will decide if the heroes or monsters will be the ultimate victors.

One-Punch Man isn’t the only creation from ONE that is set to have a bright future, as Mob Psycho 100 is currently planning to release the third season of its anime adaptation in the future, hyping up a major announcement for next month. With the manga having already come to a close, expect the next season featuring Mob to unveil some major events from the printed story. What do you expect to happen in the next chapters of One-Punch Man hitting this summer? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Saitama.

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