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Matt Smith Reacts To Keanu Reeves Watching Morbius On A Flight

Matt Smith reacts to a funny story about Keanu Reeves watching Morbius on a plane. Smith is currently garnering buzz playing the evil Daemon Targaryen on HBO’s House of the Dragon. But earlier this year he starred in a different kind of buzzworthy project, playing the bad guy opposite Jared Leto in Morbius.

The buzz around Morbius was of course not the kind that actors want, as the movie was thrashed by critics and largely rejected by audiences, finally grossing an underwhelming $163 million worldwide. In spite of all this, Morbius did get a kind of afterlife on the internet thanks to a series of hilarious memes, including the now infamous “Morbin’ Time.” So popular were these memes that Morbius star Leto even got in on the act, posting a funny video teasing the non-existent movie Morbius 2: Morbin’ Time.

Given how big a flop Morbius turned out to be, it’s fun to see Leto embrace the memes rather than get defensive. And for his part, Leto’s Morbius co-star Smith also seems to have a sense of humor about the bomb superhero movie and all the memes it spawned. Smith certainly seemed delighted when Happy Sad Confused host Josh Horowitz told him a story about being on a plane and seeing a major movie star watching Morbius back-to-back with another somewhat more revered classic film:Horowitz’s eavesdropping on Reeves during the flight in question unfortunately did not lead to the podcast host finding out what the John Wick actor thought of Morbius. But at least the world now knows that Reeves has seen the film. It’s unknown though whether Reeves thought Stanley Kubrick’s classic A Clockwork Orange actually made a good double-feature with Morbius, or whether he just watched it to flush the bad memory of Morbius from his mind.

Morbius star Smith also shows here that, thankfully, he doesn’t seem to have any major misgivings about how Morbius turned out, as he’s willing to talk about the movie on a podcast. And now he knows “absolute legend and man” Reeves has seen his work in the film, so if they do a movie together in the future, they’ll have something to talk about. Indeed, Smith would seem like a great candidate to appear in the John Wick universe at some point, assuming those movies continue to get made beyond the upcoming John Wick 4. It would truly be an unexpected positive outcome for Smith if his work in the otherwise-maligned Morbius convinced Reeves to bring him aboard for a villain role in another John Wick sequel.

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