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Lil Durk Net Worth: Chicago-Born Singer & Rapper Who Made it Big

Lil Durk is an American rapper and songwriter. He’s one of the biggest names in the game, appearing in shows alongside other hip-hop heavyweights like Lil Baby. His net worth is surrounded by controversy, with some outlets pegging it at $3 million while others have it at $8 million. The rapper decided to quell the rumors, taking to Instagram to clarify his financial position. His post on the social media platform has a caption that reads as follows.

“They got my net worth 3 million. Whoever did that failed math class because I got that in Richards only  It seems Lil Durk has far more money than previously thought. The social media post references his collection of Richard Millie timepieces, which retail at anywhere from $500,000 to $1,500,000 each.

Lil Durk: The Facts
Net Worth: $43 Million
DOB: October 19, 1992
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Rapper
Updated: 2022
Recent reports would show Lil Durk isn’t just flossing on social media trying to overstate his wealth. The Chicago rapper celebrated his tour announcement with rap icon Lil Baby back in October 2021. The tour sold out an impressive 250,000 tickets, taking in a profit of $15 million for the rappers. Once again, Lil Durk took to social media to clarify his respect for Lil Baby and their achievement of selling out the tour. In his Instagram Story, Lil Durk said, “250k tickets sold. Overall profit 15mssss @lilbaby we did it.”

Durk has plenty of success behind his name, with Chart Data reporting that the rapper tied pop star Taylor Swift for the most Billboard Hot 100 hits in 2021. 41 of his tracks made it to the chart, with eight of them being top 40 hits. Lil Durk is currently signed to the NYC label ‘Alamo Records,’ a subsidiary of Interscope Records. The rapper signed with the label after departing Def Jam Records. Some insiders speculated Lil Durk signed with ‘French Montana’s Coke Boys label,’ but Durk confirmed it as nothing more than a rumor.

While he isn’t signed to French Montana, ironically, the rapper had his breakout moment with the crew, featuring on the “L’s Anthem” by French Montana. Lil Durk – Early Life Born on October 19, 1992, in Chicago, Durk D. Banks, “Lil Durk,” grew up in the Englewood neighborhood on the city’s south side. Southside is infamous for its gang activity, low-income households, and violence, leading to it earning the moniker’ Chi-Raq.’

The rapper grew up in a poor household, and his father was arrested for selling crack when Durk was just 7-months old. He remembers his disappointment and dissatisfaction with life growing up in poverty. During the rapper’s early youth, there were many days when he went to bed hungry because the family couldn’t afford to put food on the table.

Unfortunately, growing up in a low-income household meant Durk got involved with the wrong crowd at an early age. He attended Paul Robeson High School, dropping out in 2017 to join a street gang, “the Black Disciples,” where he landed in legal trouble on gun charges. Lil Durk pleads guilty to the charges, going to prison for the violation.

Lil Durk – Career
Durk Derrick Banks, aka ‘Lil Durk,’ is an American rapper signed to NYC-based label Alamo Records, a subsidiary of Interscope. Lil Durk burst onto the hip-hop scene in 2012 after appearing on the “L’s Anthem” with French Montana:

Lil Durk’s first studio album, ‘My Name released in 2015 to acclaim by critics. The album peaked at number 14 on the Billboard 200 chart. Durk followed up this success in 2015 with ‘Lil Durk 2X,’ his second studio album. The second album didn’t do as well as his first, only reaching the number 29 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. However, Lil Durk has plenty of smash-hit singles, with more than 30 gold and 12 platinum tracks. It took teaming up with rapper, Lil Baby, for Durk to experience a taste of the top of the charts. Lil Durk and Lil Baby teamed up for his 2021 album, ‘The Voice of the Heroes,’ which was the first studio album from the rapper to reach number one on the Billboard 200.

The album remained in the top position for a week, projecting Lil Durk into superstardom. He followed up with the release of ‘7220,’ with the album reaching the top spot and staying there for two weeks. With his success steadily growing, Lil Durk started cultivating his wealth and career to new heights.Lil Durk founded his record label, ‘Only The Family (OTF), in 2020 with the release of his first mixtape. However, the rapper claims he secured a $40 million deal from his record company, Alamo, after it sold to Sony Music Entertainment last year in the summer of 2021.

The rapper took to social media to boast about his new advance. His tweet on March 13, 2022, says ” My label gave me $40 million, let’s talk about it.” So, if this news is true, it would post the rapper’s net worth a lot higher than media speculation surrounding the figure. If it’s true Lil Durk secured a $40 million advance from Sony, the rapper’s net worth would likely be somewhere between $40 million to $50 million.

The discussion on Twitter involving his fans and haters seems to think Durk is making a mistake. The contract locks him into an agreement that will see the artists lose control and publishing rights on his work to the label. Lil Durk created a subsidiary of his label in 2021 to manage his interests in the gaming and cryptocurrency space. ‘OTF Gaming’ is Lil Durk’s vehicle for his virtual interests in the gaming and NFT markets, with the rapper discussing the move in an interview with DJ Vlad.

Lil Durk earns the bulk of his cash through touring. In 2021, the rapper toured with Lil Baby, claiming the duo sold out 225,000 tickets to their shows for a total of $15 million. The rapper is expected to do better with his 7220 tours, possibly netting even more. Lil Durk is a hot commodity in pop culture, and he’s signed endorsement deals to represent several brands. Some of his endorsement partners include Ethika, Marc Jacobs, Young and Reckless, Luc Belaire, and Beats by Dre. The rapper continues to shine, making million-dollar deals while appearing in videos and making albums.

In 2022, Lil Durk claimed he was taking a hiatus to recover from an incident occurring on stage at Lollapalooza 2022. The rapper sustained a facial injury after being blasted with hot smoke from a pyrotechnic machine. During the Lollapalooza 2022 performance, he teamed up with Pooh Shiesty for the track, ‘Back In Blood.’ Durk was crossing the stage when the pyrotechnics machine malfunctioned. Footage of the incident shows Durk being blasted twice by the machine.

The rapper seems visibly hurt by the hot smoke exiting the machine. The music stopped, and the medical team rushed to the stage to check on the rapper. The rapper continued his performance, despite his injury. After receiving treatment when shutting out the show, he posted a picture wearing eye gauze on Instagram. The rapper had the following to say about the incident. “Due to the incident that happened at Lollapalooza in Chicago on stage, I’m a take a break & focus on my health. I finished my performance yesterday for my fans. Appreciate y’all.”

Lil Durk’s ‘7220 Deluxe’ tour was a smashing success, with the second leg of the tour kicking off in mid-September, with stops at 15 cities. Some of the destinations include Oklahoma City, Brooklyn, Nashville, and Los Angeles, before wrapping up the tour in Seattle.

Lil Durk – Personal Life
Lil Durk claims he is a practicing Muslim and has a strong belief and faith in Islam. However, there is no evidence to support this claim, as the rapper has no pictures or videos of him practicing Islam on his social media, and no one has seen him in a mosque. Lil Durk lost his father at a young age. His father, a drug dealer, ended up serving two life sentences without the possibility of parole. According to media reports, Lil Durk doesn’t speak to his father, and the two have no ongoing relationship.

Details surrounding the arrest and trial of Lil Durk’s father are unknown, and there is no record of the charges he faced. Despite being locked up for life, Durk’s father must be proud of his son’s achievements. The rapper proposed to his long-time girlfriend India Royale in 2022, and the two plan to get married after Lil Durk finishes his 7220 tours. Lil Durk proposed to India in his hometown of Chicago at the 107.5 WGCI ‘Big Jam’ concert, with the rapper quoted as saying, “You know I love you to death,” before dropping to one knee and showing the ring to India.

He finished the proposal with the following lines. You’ve been holding me down when I was going through a lot. You’re the realest, and I just love you to death. Would you want to be my wife?”Despite this being his first marriage, Durk has six children with different mothers. The names of his children are Bella, Angelo, Zayden, Skylar, Du’mier, and Willow. There is no official record of what the rapper pays in child support for his kids.

Lil Durk has seen his share of losses as a young man. The rapper saw his cousin, McArthur “OFT Nunu” Swindle,” murdered in 2014. In March 2015, Durk’s manager and long-time friend, Uchenna OTF Chino Dolla Agina, was shot and killed in gang violence.In November 2020, Lil Durk’s friend King Von was murdered in Atlanta. His brother Dontay “DThang” Banks Jr. was gunned down at a nightclub in Chicago on June 6, 2021. Durk was the victim of a home invasion on his property in July 2021. He was at home with his fiancé when the intrusion occurred. Both he and India exchanged gunfire with the assailants, forcing them to flee the scene. Fortunately, no one was hurt during the incident.

Lil Durk – Legal Controversy
Like many other rappers, Lil Durk is no stranger to controversy. His initial weapons charge in 2011 saw him spend a few months in jail. After being released on bail, he returned to prison to serve 87-days for his crime. Lil Durk was arrested again on June 5, 2013, on South Green Street in Chicago. The police alleged the rapper threw a loaded handgun out of his car after a patrol vehicle approached them for a stop and search. Lil Durk was held by the court for a $100,000 bond.Durk was released in July 2013 after his lawyer claimed to have affidavits from others claiming the gun wasn’t Durk’s and another testimony from the person who allegedly threw the gun to say it was his.

His most severe charge was in 2019 when Durk and King Von robbed and shot a man outside an Atlanta drive-in. The pair were arrested on attempted murder charges. According to prosecutors, the two men allegedly robbed the man for his Jeep Cherokee and $30,000. Durk and Von were released by the court on $250,000 and $300,000 bonds a few weeks after being arrested.

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