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Law & Order Season 22 Premiere Recap: Officer Down! Officer Down! — Plus, Grade the First-Ever 3-Way Crossover

That’s the question of the hour — asked by Nolan Price — as we head into Law & Order‘s Season 22 premiere, which doubles as the third part of a crossover event with SVU and Organized Crime. (A whole lot went down before we arrived in Jack McCoy-land; you can catch up here with recaps of Hours 1 and 2.)

Now, where were we? Ah yes: That gangster-in-question, Sirenko, is in police custody and charged with the murders of five people, as well as a host of other crimes, and everyone tries to figure out his motive for the whole bomb thing. They question one of his associates, who under threat of arrest hands over Ava’s phone, which he found the morning she ran from the boat.

The phone contains footage Ava recorded of a Russian big shot drunkenly boasting that he was going to do something, a “big boom,” that would show the world Russia’s power. But when he realized Ava was filming him, he flipped out… leading to the altercation that bloodied her and sent her running at the start of the crossover. So they arrest the Russian, whose name is Rublev.


The phone footage gets thrown out as evidence, though, so ADA Maroun enlists Liv’s help in getting Nicole to cooperate with the prosecution. Just as Rollins is about to bring her into the city for a meeting, men fire on them, Nicole runs… and one of them shoots Rollins in the abdomen! Oh no! Is this the beginning of the end for Amanda Rollins on SVU?

Benson arrives on the scene after Rollins has been taken to the hospital, and the best anyone can tell her is that Amanda was alive when she was loaded into the ambulance. Then OH GOD CARISI IS HERE AND HE’S CRYING. He’s desperate as he asks whether Rollins is alive or not, and the look on his face as he hugs Olivia just might end me.

Back at the precinct, Benson lets Price know that Rollins is stable following surgery, and that the gunmen probably found Nicole because she secretly texted someone earlier that day. He’s got more bad news: He needs Nicole to testify, or Rublev likely will go free.

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