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Jason Alexander Reveals Unsung Heroes Of ‘Seinfeld’

Actor Jason Alexander is lending his platform and talents to the Not Today Flu campaign, encouraging everyone to go get a flu shot.

“Well, it’s important to me in a general sense because there is absolutely no good use of celebrity other than to stand next to things that are truly important and try and shine a little light on them,” Alexander said during a Zoom video interview last week. “But this was just really beautifully fortuitous. I’m an advocate.

“I have been getting the flu vaccine religiously for well over 20 years. It’s been very effective in my life, and I remember the days when I didn’t get it and how it was costing at times. So Sanofi and the American Nurses Association came to me with a campaign that was actually kind of fun.

“Sometimes these campaigns can be a little cold, a little harsh. This one was kind of fun, had a sense of humor, had a nice twist to it, and so I was just happy to get aboard. I’ve known too many people who have been derailed by flu, and I also have spoken to so many people who are really looking forward to this holiday season, because after two years of COVID, they’re getting back with family and friends, they’re traveling, they’re doing things.

“And the experts are saying this particular flu season could be a rather severe one because we’re all back. We don’t have masks. … Just getting the vaccine takes a second. It’s a fantastic vaccine. And you’re probably not going to get the flu (after receiving the vaccine). If you do, it’s not going to be a devastating flu. It keeps you out of the hospital.”

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