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How Parks And Recreation Fans Think Tom Would React To Cryptocurrency

Out of all the quirky characters from NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) is easily one of the most memorable. From his infamous “Treat Yo’ Self” catchphrase and subsequent shopping sprees to his obsession with the latest trends, Tom is a character that you’ll likely not soon forget.

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Though Tom may be incredibly vain and oftentimes out of touch with reality, he’s also one of the most ambitious and passionate employees of Pawnee’s Parks and Rec department. He’s always coming up with new business ideas and selling the hell out of them, despite how absurd they are. And he’s always on the hunt for his next big business venture.

Plenty of hot, new money-earning opportunities cropped up since “Parks and Recreation” ended seven years ago, and Tom would likely have at least considered several of them at some point. However, there is one type of fashionable investment opportunity that has enough clout behind it for him to get very excited about. And fans are pretty certain that Tom would have tried to work his trademark brand of swag into it.

While not necessarily new, cryptocurrency has become a novel and contemporary means to invest one’s finances in hopes of generating a very successful portfolio. But would the well-dressed entrepreneur be interested?

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