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How Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley’s Bourbon Honors Their TVD Characters

As they gear up for their next business partnership, The Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder reflects on the brotherly bond he had with Paul Wesley in the series. Based on the L.J. Smith novels of the same name, the teen drama The Vampire Diaries is set in the fictional town drenched in supernatural history, Mystic Falls, Virginia. The main plot follows Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) as she strikes up a complicated relationship with vampire Stefan Salvatore (Wesley). The CW series aired from 2009 to 2017 and has since spawned a media franchise, which also includes the spinoff shows The Originals and Legacies.Kind-hearted Stefan and his brooding brother Damon (Somerhalder) share a complex sibling relationship. They often serve as foils to one another, with Stefan showing affection and warmth for humans and Damon being portrayed as selfish and sometimes outright malevolent. However, they each changed as the seasons progressed and came through for one another on numerous occasions. Though The Vampire Diaries wrapped with season 8 in 2017, it appears that Wesley and Somerhalder have stuck together since.

In an interview with People, Wesley and Somerhalder spoke about their ongoing connection, both personal and in business. The two actors were so eager to work together again after the Vampire Diaries finale that they co-founded a bourbon company, Brother’s Bond Bourbon, last year. Somerhalder recalls how they developed a brotherly bond while filming the show and describe the company as a lasting tribute to it as well as their on-screen brotherhood and off-screen friendship, which is still going strong. See what Somerhalder had to say about their relationship below: It’s creating another level of nostalgia and connection based around…the brotherhood that we had on this show. This is the distillation of that story and that brotherhood and that experience… When you’re stuck together at the hip, you have no choice but to bond over f—ing everything.

Vampire Diaries Series Finale Stefan Damon

Though Stefan and Damon had a chiefly antagonistic and competitive relationship in The Vampire Diaries, it’s clear that Wesley and Somerhalder deeply value the time they spent together on the series and the relationship they’ve been able to develop since. Somerhalder’s comment about being attached at the hip is the reality of many co-stars while in the bubble of filming, production, and press, though, not all actors are able to maintain that strong, proximity-based bond once they wrap production. The fact that Somerhalder and Wesley are still going strong and found reason to stay in each other’s lives is a testament to their genuine friendship.

Though The Vampire Diaries ended years ago, its media franchise is still kicking. The Originals became an immensely popular series during its 2013-2018 run, even featuring appearances from Wesley and Somerhalder as the Salvatore brothers, and despite the most recent TVD spinoff Legacies’ cancellation earlier this year, showrunner Julie Plec has made it clear that The Vampire Diaries universe will continue to expand with more spinoff projects. Based on Wesley and Somerhalder’s continued bond and their appreciation for the series, perhaps they will return as the Salvatore brothers in future projects.

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