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Fear the Walking Dead: Dead in the Water spinoff, first look

Fear the Walking Dead: Dead in the Water, the first spinoff of a spinoff in The Walking Dead universe, will premiere on AMC+ on Sunday, April 10. This digital series will take viewers back to the beginning of the outbreak aboard the USS Pennsylvania submarine that was first featured in season 6 of Fear TWD.

Nick Stahl, who portrayed Riley on Fear TWD, will reprise his role in this series as he was a weapons officer before becoming one of cult leader Teddy Maddox’s (John Glover) minions. Dead in the Water will see Riley, a new father, fighting to survive as he is trapped on the sub that becomes overrun by the undead. It is a fascinating concept for a storyline, and the spinoff will give us a back story of Riley. Although he did meet his demise during the final episode of Fear TWD’s season six, “The Beginning.” The first look clip comes courtesy of The Walking Dead World on Twitter.

Dead in the Water spinoff
This spinoff special was written by Jacob Piniontogo and directed by Kenneth Requa. Pinion wrote the tie-in series The Althea Tapes and was on the writing team for Fear the Walking Dead. Requa has produced Fear TWD and The Walking Dead.

Additional cast members joining Stahl, according to IMDB, include Damon Carney, Emmett Hunter, Jay Gutierrez, Ja’Quan Monroe-Henderson, Garrett Graham, Jason Francisco Blue, Austin Hyde,Alexander Biglane, Jon Lee, Zach Lazar Hoffman, Calum Sharman, John Franklin, AJ Jones, and Marco Ramirez. Dead in the Water will see its debut one week ahead of Fear the Walking Dead’s season 7’s return to AMC with the second half of that season on April 17 at 9 p.m. The first two episodes of season 7B will premiere on AMC+ on April 17, with the remaining episodes airing one week early.

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