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Did Marvel Studios Just Secretly Introduce the MCU’s Nosferatu?

Werewolf By Night was easily one of Marvel Studios’ worst-kept secrets of all time, right up there with the existence of a Black Widow movie. It wasn’t until the recent D23 event that the company acknowledged its existence and showed off the first trailer.

The special is set to be in black and white, with a very specific styling akin to classic horror films of yore. By the looks of it, it sure seems like they at least nailed that aspect. Fans also got their first look at the titular Werewolf in its first trailer—though audiences never got a clear shot of the beast. On top of him, there were also glimpses of Man-Thing and Elsa Bloodstone, played by Laura Donnelly. If one took a look at that teaser even closer, however, there actually seems to be another character that gets a few frames of their own: Nosferatu.

Did Werewolf Introduce Nosferatu?
When the Werewolf By Night trailer dropped, there was a lot to take in, such as the brief first look at Man-Thing. Among the new footage, however, is a potential reveal that has gone under the radar.

It happens in a split second, but going frame-by-frame, a ghoulish creature in what appears to be a tank can be seen. But who may it be? Well, judging based on looks alone and some speculation from Maximilan Marvel, it’s a possibility that this could be the MCU’s Nosferatu. For those who don’t know, Nosferatu is in fact a character from the comics and is exactly what one might expect: an ancient vampire. However, his appearances are slim, and he was only first introduced in Bloodstone #4 back in 2002. Since then, he’s only appeared briefly in three different storylines. As for his powers, they’re pretty much what every vampire ends up having: enhanced strength, endurance, and longevity—with an appetite for human blood. He also leads a group of fellow ancient vampires called the Nosferati.

The first thought that’ll likely pop up when considering this potential reveal is how it sure does seem like a perfect set-up for Mahershala Ali’s Blade film—given he’s playing a vampire hunter and all. It’s still not known if Blade, will make his on-screen debut in Werewolf. A recent rumor indicated Marvel Studios originally wanted to do just that, but due to scheduling conflicts, Ali couldn’t make it work. If true, it’s truly a shame to hear. Seeing that character showing up to a group with a bunch of monsters would be a picture-perfect moment. If the figure above is in fact Nosferatu, it would be smart of Marvel Studios to leverage the plotline and use it to build towards next year’s Blade. However, that’s all assuming he’d survive with Elsa Bloodstone in the picture.

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