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DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow has a cosplay caper on a train

Nick Zano, Shayan Sobhian, Caity Lotz, Adam Tsekhman, Jess Macallan, and Tala Ashe star in DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Getting trapped in time ought to be a cinch for the Legends, but in “The Need For Speed” it’s not so much how they’ve been stranded that’s the problem—though, that is also absolutely a problem—it’s when.

The year: 1925. And for the entirety of last week and a good chunk of this week the primary location of the Legends’ predicament has taken place in Odessa, Texas, a time and place where most of the cast on DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow can’t operate openly without all the worst kinds of attention getting thrown their way. That means the possibility for incalculable danger, not just for the crew of The Waverider, but to the timeline. Remember: they have no time courier, no Gideon (at least, not one that can help them right now), no ship, and thus no stable means of getting themselves closer to a solution without giving the entire game away. If Sara’s making-it-up-as-she-goes-along plan to get her crew to New York City so the Legends might have a chance to not only escape 1925 but also set their anachronistic gaffes straight, most of her crew needs to be benched.

As luck (or possibly fate) would have it, that’s not necessarily a problem right now. Zari’s nursing a broken heart, so popping weed gummies and guzzling whip cream in John Constantine’s hellborne manor is what she’s gonna be up to if anybody needs her. Sara and Ava, the masterminds behind the increasingly notorious Bullet Blondes gang, decide they need to, er, “let off some steam” and “bunk up” in the same stately interdimensional haven to “knock some boots.” (Sex, they run off to have some sex.) Spooner and her mother Gloria host Astra on the Cruz ranch outside Odessa while everyone attempts to communicate with the new sentient brunette that was once The Waverider’s central A.I.,

Gideon. So at least six of the Legends have things to do that don’t involve institutional racism and social bigotry, thank you very much.That leaves Nate, Gary, and Behrad out in the open, train-bound towards what they hope is a solution to their troubles while also evading all the prying eyes who have taken notice that J. Edgar Hoover of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation is riding the rails with them. Their interstate ruse: make like they’ve apprehended the Bullet Blondes (though that part is technically true), stash them onboard the train, and hope nobody gets wise for the duration of the trip. It works and it doesn’t. (Gary’s specially-made fizzy elixir is responsible for Nate’s transformation into the famed G-man—just add soda pop. Oh, and hair from the corpse of J. Edgar Hoover, currently digesting in the tummy of Gary Green, nebbish Time Bureau operative and also an actual alien being.)

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