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DC vs. Vampires Reveals Two Wildcards Who Could Help Topple the Corrupted Justice League

DC vs. Vampires has transformed much of the DC Universe into a blood-sucking band of murderers and marauders. Only a handful of heroes has remained to fight against the forces of darkness, but they just got two more important recruits.

Batwoman and Starfire have officially joined the heroes at the heart of DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War #3 (by Alex Paknadel, Matthew Rosenberg, Pasquale Qualano, Nicola Right and Troy Peteri), giving the heroes a serious wildcard in their upcoming final battle with Nightwing.While the majority of the back half of DC vs. Vampires has focused on the resistance against Nightwing, All-Out War has centered around a secondary group of exhausted and traumatized survivors who’ve been struggling to counter Nightwing’s plans. To that end, the small group has made their way to Florida, hoping to target the mysterious Baron Cinder and his blood farms. After splitting into teams, the group found themselves approached by an unlikely ally — Kate Kane, aka Batwoman.

She is revealed to have been infected by the vampire curse, but has done her best to resist the corrupting influence. It appears that, similar to Damian Wayne, Batwoman has retained enough fury at Dick Grayson to resist his nominal place as their leader. In fact, she’s even been working with her nephew directly. With Batwoman’s help, the team is able to successfully sneak into Baron Cinder’s base of operations. Although Bane is bitten by a vampire (and given a mercy killing to prevent his corruption courtesy of Deadman), the team is ultimately successful in locating Starfire.

It turns out thanks to her unique power signature and alien origin, Starfire can’t be converted into a vampire. She’s remained a prisoner of the Baron, who is empowered via cosmic rays and has been trying to force her to strengthen him with her abilities. Deathstroke is able to locate Starfire and help liberate her, with the issue ending as Starfire and Batwoman fly off to reconvene with someone else.

Starfire and Batwoman both being alive offers the resistance against Nightwing a better chance than ever of success. Starfire has been one of the most important heroes in this reality, as Nightwing was implied to have used her Tamaraneans biology to help overcome the vampiric weakness to sunlight. Her fate was left ambiguous, but given the devious nature of this Nightwing variant, it wasn’t hard to imagine a grim fate had befallen the alien princess. But Starfire’s impressive abilities might allow her to be a crucial wildcard in the battle against Nightwing.

Currently venturing into Gotham City are four freedom fighters and two of them don’t have any superpowers. Starfire’s presence could be a major boon to the heroes in this situation. On top of that, Batwoman’s continued survival could be a crucial edge for the heroes as well. The four heroes in Gotham will be tasked with a nigh-impossible mission, bringing down the supernaturally enhanced former superhero at the top of the vampire kingdom.

But Batwoman’s experience with Gotham, and particularly in exploring stealthily, could give her insight into the ideal ways the group should approach the rest of their mission. With Batwoman’s help, the team have a true shot at Nightwing, giving Starfire the chance to take revenge on the lover who turned against her (while helping Nightwing’s other lost love, Batgirl, gain some important closure).

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