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Cardi B Reminds Us That She’s Been About That Rainbow Life

Cardi B has never hidden her fondness for women. And if you were unsure, she made it clear in response to a shady tweet mentioning her.Twitter user @Thelightiscumin included Cardi in a tweet captioned, “Celebrities that came out as bisexual but never dated someone of the same gender.” Alongside Cardi, the tweet included images of Lady GaGa, Harry Styles and Billie Eilish, hinting that the artists weren’t being truthful about their claims of being bisexual.In a quote tweet, Cardi quickly confirmed that she was a vet in the game by lightheartedly clapping back with, “I ate b***hes out before you was born … Sorry I don’t have razr phone pics to prove it to you.”The “Hot S**t” rapper went on to confirm that she had a girlfriend in the past.Twitter user @Kiaabardiss retweeted Cardi, asking her to confirm a high school girlfriend. Cardi replied, “Lmaaooo yes when I was a freshman.”

The rapper came out publicly as bisexual in 2018 after she was featured on Rita Ora’s song “Girls,” where both artists opened up about her experiences with women. The song features lyrics about being “open-minded” and “50-50” when it comes to sexuality.A tweet from that year was one of Cardi’s first open statements about her sexuality.Many followers came to the defense of Cardi, stating that @Thelightiscumin’s original tweet was biphobic.One included comedian Lane Moore, who tweeted that bisexuality is a spectrum and can look like anyone.

“The biphobia always comes out extra during bisexual awareness week, so here’s a reminder: You’re still bisexual even if you’ve never dated ur same gender. You’re still bisexual even if ur currently dating someone of the opposite sex. You don’t have to explain that to anyone ever.”National Bi Visibility Day is celebrated on Sept. 23; it is part of Bisexual Awareness Week. A bisexual person is not exclusively attracted to people of one particular gender. National Bi Visibility Day teaches us that every person is deserving of love and respect, no matter how different they might seem from us.

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