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10 Times Attack On Titan Broke Our Hearts

With Attack On Titan’s excellent character development and shocking twists, the series has been heartbreakingly sad for many viewers.

Attack On Titan has some of the best character development and most shocking twists of any shonen anime. Some of these twists and turns would result in highly emotional moments for fans who have grown attached to these well-constructed characters throughout the series.

One of the best things Attack On Titan accomplishes is keeping the viewer in the dark about the world’s lore until it is uncovered, along with the characters themselves. As minor facts become apparent over time, they flesh out significant facts about the characters and the world they inhabit, especially about Eren. The bond fans develop with these characters leads to some of the most heartbreaking scenes in all anime and moments that will affect the viewer just as much as they affect the characters themselves.The Death Of Eren’s Mother Was Only The Beginning Of The End One of the first significant traumas Eren suffers is the loss of his mother. When the Titans break through the wall oMaria, one of them gets a hold of his mother, Carla, and all Eren can do is watch.The powerlessness Eren feels at this moment is one of the driving factors that causes him to join the Scout Regiment in fighting the Titans. What makes this event even worse in hindsight is that Eren’s mother was eaten by the smiling Titan, who was actually the first wife of Grisha Yaeger and the mother of Zeke.

Armin Risked Everything For His Best Friend, Eren
Armin is by far a fan-favorite character in Attack On Titan. His clever planning and intelligence made him a prime candidate to lead a group of troops under Erwin’s command.However, the true test of Armin’s courage comes later in the Return to Shiganshina Arc. Armin stays to face the Colossal Titan to allow Eren to escape; in turn, he is incinerated and appears to have been killed. Fans were utterly torn when the group had to decide between saving Armin or Erwin’s life, and Levi was left to make the hard choice.

Levi Seemed Like He Was Too Strong To Lose
Levi is such a formidable fighter. There are times throughout Attack On Titan where the audience may even conclude he is invincible. He easily slays Titans — taking down whole groups of them single-handedly. Because of his incredible fighting prowess, fans were shocked to see him finally mortally wounded by Zeke.In true Attack On Titan fashion, fans were left with a cliffhanger and the suggestion that Levi may have been lost forever. Though he made it out alive, he is all but incapacitated, and seeing this inspiring figure in such a state can be emotional for longtime fans of the series.

The Ones Most Disappointed In Eren Are Mikasa & Armin
Eren, Mikasa, and Armin have been best friends since they were kids. They have gone through everything together and have always had each other’s backs. When Eren first received the Attack Titan, Armin and Mikasa supported him unconditionally. Similarly, Eren has shown that he will do anything to protect his friends.

This strong bond between friends was severed in the final season as Eren began to put his genocidal plans into action. Armin and Mikasa both decided he was in the wrong and the three having a falling out is perhaps the hardest reality for fans to accept.

Eren Literally Turned Into A Monster
Perhaps the most heartbreaking fact of Attack On Titan is watching the main character transform a hardened, manipulative, genocidal villain. Eren has been through more traumatic events than anyone should have to go through in their life, and these traumas change him from a naive, hopeful kid into an angry, vengeful antagonist.The irony of it all is that Eren went from having the goal of destroying all the Titans to become the most horrible Titan of all. Though he thinks he is doing what’s best for the world, viewers couldn’t help but cringe seeing the terrifying, monstrous Titan Eren became.

In Losing Erwin, No One Wins
Commander Erwin Smith was like the rock that kept the Scouts together. He fearlessly led his troops into battle, even under unprecedented odds. One of the most difficult scenes in Attack On Titan comes when both Armin and Erwin are left mortally injured in the fight with the Beast and Collasel Titans. With only one Titan Serum to spare, Levi made the impossible decision to save Armin instead of his friend Erwin. Through the tears, fans could only feel proud of Levi for being stronger than they would have been in that situation.

Sasha’s Death Was Hard To Swallow
Sasha was a fan favorite due to her carefree attitude and love of food. She earned the title Potato Girl early on in the show when she stole a potato from the infantry kitchen. In the end, Sasha’s kind disposition would lead to her demise.

​​​​​​After allowing the young Gabi to live, Sasha let down her guard, not realizing Gabi was a trained soldier herself. Sasha died after being shot in the stomach by Gabi, and her last word was the characteristic: “meat.” Sasha was one of those likable characters who fans would have been glad to see make it through the war alive.

Connie Faces The Harsh Reality Of His Mother’s Fate
​​​​From the moment he joins Scout Regiment, Connie wants nothing more than to make his mother proud by becoming a respected soldier. Fans watch his optimistic attitude slowly turn into anger and despair, not least due to his mother’s fate. While visiting the ruins of Connie’s village, he discovers a Titan that looks just like his mother. This fact proves devastating for him to the point that he later attempts to feed a child to her to bring her back. He is later convinced that this is not what she would have wanted, and he resolves to become a soldier she would be proud of. Watching Connie’s desperation in this scene proved heartbreaking for fans who watched his growth.

Ilse Gave Her Life For The Betterment Of Humanity
One of the most intense moments in Attack On Titan comes from the short-lived but essential character of Ilse. Ilse was a researcher who put her life on the line to learn more about the Titans beyond the walls of Paradis. Specifically, she was the first person to record their experience of communicating with a Titan.

Ilse’s experience had a significant influence on Hange’s research. After giving her life for the betterment of science and human progress, Hange did not take Ilse’s contribution lightly. Her courage and resolve in the face of mortal danger made for one of the most emotionally impactful scenes in Attack On Titan.

Mikasa’s Childhood Trauma Made Her Into A Fighting Machine
Mikasa is unequivocally one of the most beloved characters in Attack On Titan. Her courage, loyalty, and battle prowess has led to the fandom deeming her waifu material. All the love for Mikasa makes her backstory much harder to swallow for fans of the series.

When Mikasa is just a child, she watches as both of her parents are killed in their home by strange men. She is then forced to fight them off along with Eren, who comes to her rescue. Fans see this moment as informing much of the way that Mikasa acts from then on, including her cold demeanor and strong will to fight to protect her friends.

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