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Young Sheldon Season 6 Boss Teases Georgie’s Post-Jail Storyline

Young Sheldon producer Steve Holland teases what’s next for Georgie after he gets out of prison. The eldest Cooper kid has been going through a series of big life changes starting with his decision to drop out of school and work full time early on in season 5. Now, Georgie’s story is more complicated than ever as he finds himself unexpectedly expecting following his girlfriend’s accidental pregnancy.

At the end of Young Sheldon season 5, Georgie was desperately trying to prove to his girlfriend, Mandy, that he is committed to being there for their baby. Understanding the financial demands that come with the upcoming birth of his kid, Mary and George’s firstborn attempted to smuggle cigarettes across the border. Despite Meemaw’s claims that she has done it multiple times without any glitch, the pair ends up getting arrested. Luckily for them, the Cooper patriarch comes through to bail him out as confirmed by the official details released for the Young Sheldon season 6 premiere.

Beyond that, however, it’s uncertain what’s next for Georgie. Without getting into spoilers, however, Holland teases what fans can expect from him moving forward in a new conversation with TV Insider. According to the Young Sheldon producer, Sheldon’s older brother will continue to be committed to wooing Mandy in an effort to repair their relationship. Read the related excerpt from the interview below:The first Young Sheldon season 6 trailer offered fans their first look at Georgie out of prison. In the snippet, he’s in the car with his dad talking about George’s fears of becoming a father for the first time almost two decades earlier. The moment is one of the quieter and more tender scenes involving the Cooper patriarch and his firstborn. Aside from that, it also establishes that Georgie continues to be committed to raising his upcoming child with Mandy. The question is whether she will be willing to co-parent with him. She was already skeptical of his involvement before because of his age, chances are that she would be more hesitant to keep him around after learning about his stint in jail.

There was no mention of Georgie’s child when he appeared on The Big Bang Theory. This cast doubts about Mandy actually giving birth or having Georgie involved in the life of his child. Young Sheldon’s showrunners already ruled out the possibility of abortion, so if they do lose the baby, it could be accidental. Whatever happens to the unborn child, the situation is forcing Georgie to grow up more quickly than he wants to. In a way, this prepares him for the additional responsibility to his family after George inevitably dies.

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