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Watching Bleach and One-Punch Man Is About to Get Harder

Streaming might have been a niche industry years ago, but these days, the business is booming. From Netflix to Disney+ and beyond, there are more services to stream on than ever before. Of course, anime has become a popular part of the industry as fans around the world are expanding the medium daily. But if a new report is right, it is about to get harder to watch One-Punch Man and Bleach.

The update comes from Hulu users on social media as many noticed a dreaded pop-up this week. It turns out Bleach and One-Punch Man have been hit with expiration notices. If there is no glitch going on, then these two hit shows will leave Hulu in 11 days.At this point, no word has been given on their leave. Viz Media is the licensor of both these titles, and they famously work with streaming services to loan anime rights. Shows like Hunter x Hunter and Naruto are caught up in this deal, for instance. So if both of these titles are leaving Hulu soon, it may have to do with the publisher.

Of course, fans have their own theories as to why the anime series are expiring. Bleach is due for a big comeback in just a few weeks. After years of waiting, fans will see Ichigo Kurosaki return to television this October with a new series, Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War. Viz Media has said the English simulcast will kick off in October, but no streaming service has announced its license of the anime. Now, it seems the site that struck the deal might be getting exclusive streaming access to Bleach, and fans believe this is why Hulu has these Viz Media titles up for expiration.

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