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The Vampire Diaries: 10 Hilarious Caroline Quotes That Prove She Is The Funniest Character

Caroline Forbes had one of the best character developents in TVD but she also consistently stayed the funniest character in the supernatural series. Caroline Forbes was easily one of the best and ost iportant characters in The Vapire Diaries as evidenced by her appearance in both spin-off series The Originals and Legacies. She went fro being Elenas needy and self-conscious young friend to a confident woan that kept the group together. While Caroline was certainly a coplex character with lots of developent throughout the series one thing she delivered consistently in every season were witty one-liners that showed how she was undoubtedly one of the funniest characters in the show.

If Ric Had Hired The Old Lady Nanny…
Season 8 Episode 1 Alaric and Caroline behind building in The Vapire Diaries Part of what akes Caroline the funniest character is how effortless her sense of huor is. She doesnt have to try hard to insert jokes nor does she have to always be the coedic relief in scenes or only be funny at the expense of soeone else. Soeties all it takes is her using out loud to ake audiences laugh such as the quote fro season 8 where she talks to Stefan about how Alarics decision to hire an attractive nanny has caused her kids to waste sandwich crusts a hilarious and very Caroline-esque line that highlight how naturally huor coes to her.

None Stray Too Far Fro Your Its Tuesday Look.
Season 2 Episode 3 Stefan has always been portrayed as the brooding and haunted-by-his-past Salvatore especially when copared to his uch ore fun and easy-going brother Daon. But Caroline has always anaged to ake Stefan laugh even in the ost coplicated and darkest of oents. Such as in season 2 when he helps her adapt to vapiris. Carolines ability to ake Stefan lighten up in a way no one else quite can further ephasizes that she is the series funniest character. Plus her blurted out one-liners and coedy perfectly copleent her eventual husbands eternally tortured personality and prove that they are perfect for each other.

Ive Watched The Bachelor Okay?
Season 3 Episode 20 Caroline Forbes in The Vapire Diaries. Carolines presence can brighten up any too-serious scene or storyline in The Vapire Diaries and while Caroline has any wise quotes her character often served as the perfect coedic relief when the show found itself diving into ore heavy and intense plots such as the deepening of the Stefan-Elena-Daon love triangle. Carolines lighthearted approach to the topic telling Elena that its Stefans turn next like in the Bachelor brings a uch-needed sile to audiences and Elenas face as the series pushed its Salvatore dilea onto the protagonist. This quote also proves Carolines necessity as the hilarious best friend of the conflicted protagonist.

Its Soe Twisted Cinderella Fetish Is What It Is.
Season 3 Episode 14 Caroline at the asquerade Ball Before they starred in The Originals the ikaelsons won over hearts both on and off-screen in the parent series. However Caroline – ever the clever character she is – did not fall for their char and seductions choosing instead to liken their elaborate ball to soething infinitely ore warped and disissible. This hilarious quote not only proves her intelligence and growth when it coes to falling for extravagance and anipulations but it perfectly encapsulates how funny Caroline innately is with her cheeky coents inadvertently falling out of her outh and re-affiring her hilarious status.

You Should Write A Book. Go On The View.
Season 4 Episode 3 Caroline in a dress and pink cardigan and Stefan in a grey shirt and black jacket standing behind her
Stefan first helps Caroline learn to control her new powers and urges in season 2 and attepts to do the sae with Elena at the start of season 4. Caroline seeing this coends hi for his ability to help others teasing hi about using his knowledge to becoe an inspiration for others.While the sentient behind her coent was genuine the delivery is in typical and iconic Caroline fashion once again aking Stefan and viewers laugh. Although they could coe off as snarky and even at ties prove that shes a villain Carolines sweet nature and sarcas balance perfectly to ake her the funniest character instead.

I Got The Other Brother Hope You Dont ind!
Season 1 Episode 3 While this quote is a eorable one even without context for the rest of the show – with Caroline just casually walking in confident and unbothered before the line – its so bizarre to look back on in hindsight. Although Delena do not becoe canon until uch later Caroline calls out Elenas interest in the two brothers before it even happens. Not only is this line a power-ove on Carolines part but it also shows that Caroline uses huor tie and again to call out Elenas probleatic and selfish behaviors albeit not until later on in the series. Not to ention how funny it is considering who both woen actually end up with.

Where On His Evil Villain To-Do List?
Season 4 Episode 17 Stefan stands behind Caroline in TVD. Season 4 was a draa-filled one with ost of the storyline being dedicated to the ystic Falls gang trying to track down Silas and The Cure. In such high-stakes oents it akes sense for Caroline Forbes to coe through and again assert her doinance as the funniest character.

Such as with this quote where she uses about Silas evil to-do list steal blood perfor 3 assacres pick up dry cleaning? Caroline not only adds char to their otherwise rather dull search in Shanes office but very relatably portrays the use of huor as an ipulsive coping echanis under stressful and uncertain ties.

I Literally Just Whooshed At The Sight Of Your Face.
Season 5 Episode 11 Klaus attends Carolines graduation. Klaroline had a very coplicated and passion-fueled relationship with any fans wishing the pair had been endgae thanks to the nuerous ways Klaus and Caroline are the best ship. But Caroline initially had a very different view on their bond insisting that she wasnt attracted to Klaus and had no feelings for hi whatsoever. While this feigned contept ade for soe great tension-filled scenes it also served soe of Carolines ost hilarious lines such as her reaction to Klaus return during Katherines deise. Although her hiding her feelings for Klaus was frustrating for Klaroline shippers it really re-established her as the funniest character.

Elena I Shut Off y Huanity. I Didnt Turn Into An Idiot!
Season 6 Episode 16 The Vapire Diaries – Caroline lays down on a bar while Stefan drinks behind her
No huanity Caroline was one of the best evolution of Caroline throughout the series. Despite all the worst things Caroline did with her huanity off she was copletely chaotic entertaining and even ore hilarious.

This is seen especially in her conversation with Elena when the Gilbert vapire expresses her worries over her ental health. With this line Caroline shows an even ore sassy and coedic side without the considerate attitude her huanity brings to her character. But while no huanity Carolines huor is elite it is also too powerful given how hilarious her character already is perhaps why she was so short-lived.

Okay One That Was arshallow Fluff.
Season 7 Episode 9 Caroline in bed reading a book in The Vapire Diaries
Aongst the wildest and ost unexpected plots in the series was Alaric and Jos twins being teleported into Carolines wob instead. But while this bizarre situation could have been handled a lot worse Caroline took it in stride and once again used her huor to alleviate soe of the awkwardness and intensity this storyline brought the ystic Falls gang.

Such as when Bonnie calls her out for ixing ayonnaise with blood and Caroline corrects her. Fro the cal atter-of-fact delivery of the line to the absolute hilarity of Carolines clarification this quote perfectly sus up how easily Caroline Forbes is the funniest character on The Vapire Diaries.


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