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Sandman Audience’s ‘Complicated’ Viewing Habits Have Slowed Netflix’s Renewal Decision

Fans of The Sandman might be eager for Season 2, but due to the way viewers consumed its episodes, this may take some time.

In response to a since-deleted Tweet, Sandman creator Neil Gaiman explained why the streaming service has not signed off on renewing its TV adaptation of the acclaimed comic series just yet. “Sandman Season 1 dropped Aug 5th. The data harvesting has only just finished – and is complicated by a lot of people not binge-watching it, but spreading it out, letting episodes sink in before watching the next,” he explained.” Gaiman also spurned any attempts by fans to pressure the company via social media, stating “Telling @netflix to hurry up won’t make decisions happen faster.”

While Gaiman has no official news about The Sandman’s future, VFX supervisor Ian Markiewicz recently divulged that the show’s production team is working on adaptation decisions in advance. “We have a really wonderful framework for what we think season [two] looks like,” he teased, assuring that showrunner Allan Heinberg “is still touching up scripts and reworking things, but we have an arc.” Executive producer David S. Goyer made a similar statement about The Sandman’s scripts shortly before its release, noting that “it’s easier [writing Season 2 scripts] because we’ve educated the audience to the basic ideas. We’ve shown how the dreaming life can affect the waking world. With that groundwork done, the show can now build on those themes.”

On top of the main series, Gaiman has expressed interest in developing spinoffs for The Sandman’s supporting cast members. These include protagonist Morpheus’ sister Death (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), who appeared in the first half of episode six “The Sound of Her Wings,” and Johanna Constantine (Jenna Coleman), an occult detective and exorcist the King of Dreams met in episode three, “Dream a Little Dream of Me.” The latter marks the character’s third notable incarnation after Matt Ryan in various TV projects and Keanu Reeves in the 2005 Constantine film and its newly-announced sequel.

The Sandman’s first ten chapters served as an adaptation of the comics’ first sixteen installments, with some episodes merging storylines from multiple issues together. Two weeks after it dropped, Netflix released an additional episode consisting of two separate anthology stories adapted from the comic issues “Calliope” and “Dream of a Thousand Cats.” Though the season ended with Morpheus capturing the rogue dream known as the Corinthian, it also revealed that Lucifer Morningstar (Gwendoline Christie) has struck a pact with the Lord of Hell Azazel to get revenge on the titular character, setting her up as a future antagonist.

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