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Peacemaker Star John Cena Acknowledged by Guinness World Records

John Cena is undeniably one of the most genuine actors in Hollywood and while the industry has treated him so well over the last couple of years, the Peacemaker actor doesn’t forget to pay it forward and makes it a point to give back to his fans. The multi-time WWE champion is known for his involvement in charity and last June, he set a major record for the Make-A-Wish foundation after granting more than 650 wishes and counting.

Cena began granting the wishes of his fans who have critical illnesses during his reign as one of WWE’s top superstars and has continued his involvement in the foundation even after he crossed over to Hollywood. Several actors and athletes have granted wishes for the foundation but no other celebrity has made it past 300, let alone over 650.

Now, the incredible milestone has officially been recognized by the Guinness World Records and according to their stats, the wrestler-turned-actor has over double the amount of wishes granted than any other celebrity who has been involved with the organization. Considering Cena is still an advocate for the foundation, it wouldn’t be surprising if he beat his own Make-A-Wish record. Congratulations are in order for the one and only John Cena!

Meanwhile, John is gearing up for the second season of his sleeper hit Peacemaker which will begin filming next year. As it stands, we still don’t know which other DCEU projects Cena is attached to but we can safely say that he’s safe from WB Discovery’s axe. Peacemaker’s first season is available to stream on HBO Max.

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