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paris jackson | Over The Ash Heaps, The Giant Eyes Kept Their Vigil — Flaunt Magazine

Something is bothering paris jackson. Pausing mid-thought, she reaches her rose gold-weighted fingers deep beneath the waistband of her sweatpants to procure an itchy barcode sticker. “Givenchy,” she reads aloud contentedly, smoothing the sticky tag against her thigh. “I’m keeping that.”

Not that she needs to be smuggling garments from photo sets. On a first-name basis with Creative Director, Matthew Williams, jackson sat front row at Givenchy’s FW22 show in Paris this spring—flanked by Diplo and Skepta. Weeks later, she would appear on stage at The Tony’s to honor late father Michael Jackson, where she ran into Hugh Jackman. This month, the singer crashed and crescendoed in pop-punk triumph in her late night performance debut: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Today, the artist’s roll continues. We’re enjoying the waning afternoon sun in an East Los Angeles backyard, where jackson just completed her cover shoot in record time. She also wrapped her morning errands earlier than anticipated—including a counseling session with the long-time therapist she “loves to death.” It took jackson the better part of a decade to find said therapist, and after several years of biweekly sessions, the 24 year old now feels closer to self-actualization than ever. Still, everything must be taken a “day at a time.”

“A day at a time” is one of several adages jackson imparts over the course of the next hour. Bedecked in technicolor tattoos and copper-toned jewelry, the artist resembles a new-age spiritual leader at an upstate retreat—and exudes all the same philosophical intensity. Her eyes, ice blue and orb-like, are The Great Gatsby’s Dr. Eckleburg-esque: penetratingly perceptive, both all-seeing and all-knowing. Regularly, jackson will divulge hard-earned wisdom (“Time is an illusion,” “Nothing lasts, good or bad, it all passes”). When I allude to her upbringing, particularly time spent at a behavior modification boarding school in Utah, she offers a wry smile and nod. “You’ve really lived,” I note in return. jackson responds with a half-hearted ‘shaka.’ “I think comparing pain and pressure is pointless, like it’s all relative,” she reveals. “It’s not a pissing contest.”

Still, fame is a daily grievance for jackson. Sometimes, she won’t leave her house for weeks at a time. A barrage of daily headlines detail everything from jackson’s outfits to general demeanor with niche specificity (paris jackson shares a laugh with a friend as she steps out for dinner in New York City after performing on The Tonight Show). While you might assume social media has decentralized sensationalist journalism, for jackson, it’s just never let up. “It’s always been tabloid-y for me. I’ve never experienced a shift away from it,” she says, adding: “[But] I try not to pay attention to what people say about me—it’s not really any of my business.”

Whether or not she’s been listening, paris jackson has spent the last five years as the talk of the town. For her first formal interview, she appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone. The teenager then secured an international modeling contract with IMG, quickly earning the support of luxury fashion. Since, she’s modeled for the likes of Rag & Bone and Calvin Klein. She was tapped to front Stella McCartney’s collaboration with Greenpeace, and this year landed her first major beauty contract with KVD. jackson was already a fixture at fashion weeks around the world when she made her “surreal” runway debut in Jean Paul Gaultier’s final couture show before he retired at the top of 2020. In a hippie-inspired snakeskin ensemble, she appeared alongside Dita Von Teese, Karlie Kloss, Irina Shayk, and Joan Smalls.

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