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Outlander Season 7 may have found its Rob Cameron

There are certain characters from An Echo in the Bone we’re expecting to see in Outlander Season 7. Rob Cameron is one of them. An Echo in the Bone is the book most of Outlander Season 7 is going to be based on. Sure, there are some episodes to finish up the Season 6 storyline from A Breath of Snow and Ashes, but there’s a lot to cover in the seventh book.

Part of the story is focused on trouble for Bree and Roger. Some of that trouble involves a character called Rob Cameron, and there’s no way the Outlander Season 7 storyline can’t go without him. Redanian Intelligence reports that the show may have found its Rob Cameron.

Chris Fulton may join Outlander Season 7
It’s worth noting that STARZ has not yet confirmed that Fulton is joining the series. However, we’ll also note that Redanian Intelligence has been pretty good at reporting news about The Witcher. It’s a source we feel we can trust. Why would a site about The Witcher report something about Outlander? Well, it turns out that Fulton was linked to the Netflix series at one point. He was also on Bridgerton, and that’s where a lot of people will recognize the face.

We are waiting for something official about the casting. It does make sense to see Cameron come into the story, and I will say that Fulton is the picture I had in my head for this character. Based on his work in Bridgerton, I’m excited to see what he does bring to the series. What do you think of Chris Fulton potentially joining Outlander Season 7? Does he match the picture of Rob Cameron you have from the books? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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