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Netflix ‘Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink shares why Season 4 was’ difficult’

‘Stranger Things’ actress gets candid about her character in the latest season Netflix Stranger Things actor, Sadie Sink opened up about the difficulties she faced in season 4 with her character being almost dead.

Season 4 of the Netflix series has been creating quite a hype among its fans, around the way it ended. The season concluded with a cliffhanger and left fans to wonder whether Sadie Sink’s character, Max, died or not. According to Sadie, she wasn’t aware of the fate of her character, and did not know what happened to Max until she got the script for episode 9.

The actress believes that this is the usual case with all the actors, they never really know what will happen until the script is handed over to them. Speaking to W magazine, the actress said, “When I got the script for episode 9, it said that Max dies but that she sort of comes back. It’s uncertain, but she’s not fully dead.” Sink revealed that Season 4 was “a difficult road for her.” Her character went through a lot which made one of the greatest scenes in the series’ history, as per Netflix Junkie.

The actress continued, “I definitely knew nothing good would happen, but I was not expecting this—this was a crazy, crazy end.” Sink believes that the show’s producers are preparing her character for a big event in the series. Sadie Sink plays the character of Max in Netflix’s Stranger Things. The actress is set to star in the American psychological drama film The Whale by Darren Aronofsky in December 2022

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