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Moon Knight & Tigra Are Set to Rekindle Their Romance

Moon Knight is definitely not gone from the spotlight. With his appearance in Adam Goldberg’s Damage Control (2022), his solo issue with Ms. Marvel, and his supporting role in Strange #5, Moon Knight is certainly becoming a more familar face in Marvel’s recent storylines. These little cameos in other comicbookd don’t really indicate what’s next for the Fist of Khonshu, but there are other ways for fans to get a glimpse of the character’s future. Some comic book professionals are even giving hints over social media.

A few days ago, Moon Knight artist Federico Sabbatini posted a sketch of Tigra and Moon Knight, but with some very cryptic emojis. The heart and eyes hint as at something further than a friendship for the pair, and it could be confirmed or denied in Moon Knight #18. This may seem like a reach, but many don’t know that Moon Knight and Tigra actually have a romantic history.Tigra and Moon Knight met when they were both recruited in the West Coast Avengers, and Tigra immediately took interest in Marc’s mysterious demeanor. The two eventually share a kiss in West Coast Avengers (1987) #27, in which Marc asks if the pair could take things slow due to the changes going on in his life. Marc chose to leave with Tigra when the West Coast Avengers split up, and the relationship, though it was odd to say the least, was pretty healthy. But, after Moon Knight had a negative encounter with his patron Khonshu, he isolated himself, effectively ending things with Tigra.

After years of not interacting, the recent Jed MacKay run reintroduced Tigra into Moon Knight’s life. After the founding the Midnight Mission, she unexpectedly showed up to the business reuniting with Spector and later stays to help Moon Knight take down his enemies. However, Tigra’s visit wasn’t accidental. Black Panther sent her to spy on Moon Knight, and even though Marc reveals he knew this from her arrival, he didn’t care; he was just happy to see her. The two’s rapport is electric and charming alike, and Marc is certainly more open around Tigra. He opens up about the falling out with his ex-wife and child and Tigra is also knows of Marc’s dissociative identity disorder..

Already, this relationship is a far cry from what Moon Knight has encountered before especially in comparison to his previous paramour Marlene Alraune. Unlike his ex, Tigra seems to be non-judgemental of Marc’s mental state, only wanting the best for him in the long run. A relationship with Tigra would make for one based off of mutual respect, and it may be beneficial to date someone who is already a part of a superhero lifestyle. Also, Marc is no longer in Khonshu’s servitude, so the overbearing god is no longer a hindrance to any form of relationship with Tigra. But most importantly, as of the last issue, Marc is allowing himself to move forward as a more open person.

By making the choice to let go of the emotional weight that’s been keeping him so secretive, it leads to an opportunity to accept more into his life such as Tigra’s love. Moon Knight may finally be in the right headspace to pursue a lasting and grounding romantic relationship, and Tigra’s natural chemistry and full acceptance of Marc could be make them Marvel’s newest power couple.

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