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Hogwarts Legacy is Right to Place Focus on Hogsmeade

Hogwarts Legacy is highly anticipated, despite complications in development. Now delayed to 2023, the Avalanche Software project is exciting to those who find comfort in the Harry Potter stories, and while film tie-ins have made headway in the video game space, none have been quite as ambitious as this. All eyes are on the title, and while the Salt Lake City-based outfit has a recent resume heavily dominated by Disney Infinity, taking on the Harry Potter name is a mightier task to undertake, perhaps more so than any of its previous works. Attention to detail will be key, as the wizarding world is packed with beloved locations and intriguing storylines.

Though Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will take center stage in the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy, there’s much more out there in the wider lore that Harry Potter presents. From the towering terrors of Azkaban to the snug, homely streets of Godric’s Hollow, the property has done so well to craft a world outside the castle walls. The titular school will be at the heart of Hogwarts Legacy’s story and world-building, but Avalanche Software taking advantage of the weird and wonderful places from the mind of author J.K. Rowling can only help to make the project feel more authentic and rewarding to fans of the IP.

Hogsmeade’s History is Perfect for Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts may be known for its impressive spires and endless corridors. Hogsmeade is humbler, but no less important. A charming little village a stone’s throw away from the castle, Hogsmeade is a wizard-centric town that hosts plenty of magic shops and curious citizens like Madam Puddifoot. It’s entirely non-muggle, and as such is able to cater to magic-folk exclusively. To bring Hogwarts Legacy to a location so different from the school has the potential to work wonders for the game’s storytelling and atmosphere, as it is a stark difference in feeling from the gray, stoic, and purpose-built halls of Hogwarts.

However, not all is picturesque in Hogsmeade, as it’s also the village in which the Shrieking Shack stands. It’s an ominous building that was erected so that Remus Lupin had somewhere to hide during his monthly werewolf transformations, and as such has built a reputation for its eerie presence and unsettling nature. Like Diagon Alley, which has darkness lurking beneath its uplifting aura, the Shrieking Shack is a blemish on an otherwise lovely place.

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