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Here’s why Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds decided to have baby no. 4

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds felt they should have another baby after the latter had a “potentially life-threatening” polyp removed.

Following the Adam Project star colonoscopy crisis, he and The Simple Favour actor realized that that they wanted to “slow down” and focus on their family life. “This was a huge wake-up call for him,” an insider close to Reynold told Hollywood Life. “After Ryan’s colonoscopy crisis, Ryan and Blake both just realized that they wanted to slow down and enjoy what they have built together.” “That is when they decided that now was the time to have another child. They are putting their health, marriage, and family before anything in life. Everything else comes second to that. “Ryan was so focused on his massive career and perfect family that he was not even thinking about his own personal health.

The actor played a superhero in the Daredevil films, which made him realize that “he was not a superhero in real life. Without his health, nothing else in life would be possible,” another insider said. “Blake is already an incredibly healthy woman and that made her even more hyperaware of her overall health. “Neither one of them take even one day for granted and they are both so blessed to be having another baby,” the insider noted. The Age of Adaline star surprised the world with the announcement of her fourth pregnancy with hubby during the 10th annual Forbes Power Women’s Summit.

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