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Furious Elvis Presley gave girlfriend ‘silent treatment’ after rage-filled row

ELVIS PRESLEY went on a rant about his money-spending habits while in Germany. His supposed girlfriend at the time added that he would say some “harsh” things to her.

When Elvis Presley was shipped to Friedberg, Germany, in 1958, he had to start a new life for himself in the US Army. But, despite being in the forces, he was still a star back in the USA. Because of this, he had bags of fan-mail delivered frequently. To keep on top of it, he hired a young woman named Elisabeth Stefaniak to help him with his workload. The young German girl was rumoured to be one of Elvis’ girlfriends while he was in Europe. But she also helped him out with everything else in his life. On top of working for him, the 19-year-old woman also assisted him by going grocery shopping and buying clothes with him.

But one occasion left her struggling to keep it together when she was berated in public by the King of Rock and Roll. It began when they went to Bad Nauheim together, a German town, to do a spot of shopping. Elisabeth recalled: “He also wanted to buy me some clothes.” During their quest for new clothes, Elvis spotted something he was interested in. Elisabeth went on: “While there, he chose a particular trashcan he liked for his bathroom. We were in the store I said to him: ‘Elvis, you already have a basket in your bathroom’ … Well that was the wrong thing to say!” Things quickly turned sour between them, however, as the King lost his rag and began screaming at her.

Elvis yelled: “Don’t you ever tell me what to buy or not to buy. If I want to buy a thousand trashcans [I will].” Elisabeth added: “We walked out the store and that was when he said: ‘I was going to buy you some clothes but you ticked me off.'” Their lovers’ spat didn’t end there, however. Elisabeth noted that, for two days, he “didn’t speak to her”. This aggressive interaction was not extremely surprising, considering she had seen similar events happen in the past. The young woman later recalled: “I did see a little bit of his temper sometimes. Mostly when he would say some harsh things to you.” Elisabeth was quick to add: “I mean I never saw him throw things at me but he could say some hurting things.” This was not the only example of Elvis losing him temper around his girlfriends.

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