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Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2022 leaks hint at a new Sniper Rifle, perks, and Origin Trait

Destiny 2 still has one major event planned for this year – the Festival of the Lost. Guardians worldwide celebrate Halloween by participating in haunted versions of an existing activity or other reskinned missions throughout the game. Bungie also releases limited weapons in these annual events that are worth every hour of the grind.

This year’s Festival of the Lost is expected to be released on October 18, alongside the community-voted “mecha” armor piece. However, apart from this, not much has been officially revealed. Thankfully, some trusted and reliable datamines on the internet seem to have concrete information regarding the upcoming Festival of the Lost weapons, cosmetics, new Origin Trait, and weapon perks.

New upcoming Sniper Rifle, Origin Trait, among other leaks that might come in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2022
As mentioned earlier, Bungie hasn’t officially announced anything about this year’s Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost, aside from its release date and mecha armor set. Hence, players can only expect a form of new event-exclusive activity, similar to a haunted forest or Lost Sector from previous years.

With Eva Levante in the Tower, players will be able to access the new “Event card,” which was introduced with Solstice 2022. Bungie also introduced a new seal tied to the annual event, Reveler. It requires the completion of challenges from each annual event, be it Solstice, Guardian Games, Dawning, or Festival of the Lost.

NEW: Multi-Event Seal – Reveler | #Destiny2 Complete all of the Event Challenges in the currently active Event Card:- Perennial Revelry- Guardian Games- Solstice- Festival of the Lost
Players will be excited to learn that the upcoming Legendary weapon from this year’s Festival of the Lost will be an Aggressive Framed Arc Sniper Rifle. Datamined leaks on Light. gg showcase a 3D blueprint model of the upcoming weapon, as seen in the image below.

The weapon also comes with a new Origin Trait called “Search Party.” which will grant the following buff: “This weapon is granted faster aim down sights speed and movement speed while aiming down sights when no allies are near.” The perks that will roll into this unnamed Sniper Rifle are as follows:

Barrel: Arrowhead Brake, Corkscrew Rifling, Chambered Compensator, Extended, Fluted, Full Bore, Hammer Forged, Polygonal Rifling, Smallbore. Magazine: Accurized, Appended, Tactical, Steady Rounds, Extended, Alloy, Flared Magwell.
First column: Perpetual Motion, Triple Tap, Snapshot Sights, No Distraction, Clown Cartridge, Auto-Loading Holster.
Second column: Vorpal Weapon, Opening Shot, High Impact Reserves, Moving Target, Swashbuckler, Slickdraw. The official name for the weapon is yet to be announced. Its futuristic model seems to be quite similar to the “mecha” theme of this season’s event armor piece.

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