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Crash Landing on You Actor Hyun Bin Doesn’t Know What BTS Jimin Looks Like?

Korean actor Hyun Bin needs no introduction. Everyone who has watched the K drama Crash Landing on You will be familiar with his name and face.But what if the actor failed to recognise a big name in the entertainment industry? If you are wondering what this is all about, read on to know….

As per the latest reports making the rounds on social media, CLOY actor Hyun bin failed to identify famous BTS member Jimin on a recent show. The actor appeared in a game show recently. The characters of Confidential Assignment 2: International featured on The Game Caterers in a fan account’s video that was posted online. Guests have to identify images of well-known Korean celebrities in a section of the show, which is presented by Na PD.

When PD showed a picture of Jimin, Hyun Bin seemed clueless. Yoon-ah asked him, “Will you be okay?” As he smiled and joined his hands, Hyun Bin blurted out, “Jimin.” A seemingly embarrassed Hyun Bin asked the camerapersons, “Please blur me” and added, “Whew. It is getting hot.”Na PD then suggested, “I will put Hyun Bin’s face when we play this game with Jimin later. I will make him get the wrong answer. It will be a tie.” Hyun Bin replied, “No, it shouldn’t be a tie. I don’t want a tie.”Whereas, BTS ARMY is so angry with Hyun Bin for not knowing the world’s popular K-pop band member Jimin.

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