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Chicago Fire Season 11 Already Set Up Casey’s Return

Jesse Spencer return to the show. After around a decade of working at Firehouse 51, Casey made the difficult decision to leave, relocating to Portland, Oregon to take care of the kids of his deceased best friend. As a beloved character on the One Chicago franchise inaugural show, however, there’s always hope that he comes back, especially given his relationship with Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer). Luckily, the Chicago Fire season 11 premiere has seemingly laid the groundwork for that.Unlike many character departures in the Dick Wolf-produced Chicago Fire, Spencer’s exit was solely his choice. After starring in the first-responder procedural for around a decade which mandated him to settle in the Windy City where it is shot on location, the actor decided that he wanted to move back to Australia with his family. Given this, it would be difficult for him to just make a guest appearance. Despite this, Chicago Fire is keeping the door open for Casey’s reappearance, albeit in an unconventional and heartbreaking way.

After trying to make their long-distance relationship work, Brett breaks up with Casey in the closing moments of the Chicago Fire season 11 premiere. This effectively cuts Casey’s remaining ties to the Windy City, but despite this, the split actually sets up his possible return. During the phone call, Brett makes it clear that she is still very much in love with him. Considering the events of the Chicago Fire season 10 finale, it’s also safe to assume that Casey is also still committed to her. The only problem is that the physical distance between them makes their relationship very difficult to maintain. Brett fully knows this, so she floated the idea that “someday” they could be together again. This certainly keeps the door open for a reunion and reconciliation. Once both have settled in their respective lives and careers, Casey could return to Chicago, so they can figure out a way to make their romance work.

For what it’s worth, Casey and Brett’s break-up was inevitable. When news broke out that Spencer was leaving, it didn’t make all that sense for them to move forward with their fairly new romance. Despite the end in sight, the early moments of the Chicago Fire season 11 premiere still attempted to find ways to keep the pair together. After Casey moved to Oregon, the couple tried to do long-distance. When that became too difficult, Brett took an extended leave of absence to stay with Casey on the West Coast, with both returning to Chicago in time for Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) and Kelly Severide’s (Taylor Kinney) wedding. Even though they knew that they would have to go back to their old set-up, they still decided to be together. It’s curious why NBC just didn’t execute their break-up during the Chicago Fire season 10 finale — unless they have a long-term plan for them to eventually rekindle their romance.

Casey has had his fair share of heartbreaks over the years, including the departure of his ex-wife, Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund). Meanwhile, Brett has gone through several difficult breakups, as well. For now, Chicago Fire season 11 should use this time to develop her character as she focuses on her career and paramedicine program. Eventually, when the time is right, the One Chicago series can finally bring back Spencer’s Casey to the East Coast in an attempt to revive their relationship that has been unexpectedly cut short.

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