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Canceled Legends of Tomorrow Season 8 Story Details Revealed By Star

Caity Lotz, who portrayed Sara Lance/White Canary on Legends of Tomorrow, reveals some of the canceled season 8 storylines. The CW changed the status quo for many shows this year after being famously known for renewing most of their shows every year. In previous seasons, the WarnerMedia-and-Paramount-owned network started every new year by handing out multiple renewals for several popular dramas, including the Arrowverse. However, 2022 changed that when it revealed that the two studios are looking to sell The CW, with Nexstar reportedly as a top candidate.

Due to The CW’s future still being in flux, the network had to delay its renewals and cancelations for the next season. By the time The CW began to renew a handful of shows in March, Legends of Tomorrow had already finished airing season 7, as had Batwoman season 3. However, on April 29, The CW officially gave the ax to both Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman, while DC newcomer Naomi got canceled after 1 season on May 12. Legends of Tomorrow season 7 concluded on a major cliffhanger, as the heroes get arrested by the Time Police.

While Legends of Tomorrow may never get to finish that cliffhanger, what would season 8 actually have looked like if The CW had greenlit it? Lotz, who has been with the Arrowverse since Arrow season 2, recently attended Motor City Comic Con, where she spoke about the scrapped DC drama. During her panel (via Cosmic Circus,) Lotz disclosed some of the canceled storylines that would have been part of Legends of Tomorrow season 8. Lotz explained that Legends of Tomorrow season 8 would have essentially been the heroes against the Time Police. Read her full quote, below:

“We were gonna be in jail. So, basically, we’d kind of… [be] learning how to be responsible… Time Masters, so to say, or you know, time travelers, so like a retraining. So they were gonna have us in jail, with a bunch of young cadets and stuff, and then we’re the old-school ones, like ‘We know how to do all of this!’ But we’re doing it all wrong. And then we have the whole Booster Gold storyline which I thought was gonna be so fun… but that’s kind of all I know about that. And then of course, yeah, Ava and Sara’s kid.”Even though not specifically stated, Legends of Tomorrow season 8 would have more than likely served as the show’s final one. Throughout Legends of Tomorrow season 7, the writers had started to set up the heroes’ lives outside the Waverider, alluding to the series reaching its final destination. Since the show’s cancelation, fans have been running social media campaigns to get Legends of Tomorrow saved, as well as getting Batwoman a series revival on HBO Max. Chances for Legends of Tomorrow getting picked up for season 8 elsewhere are slim due to Netflix still owning the streaming/licensing rights for at least a few more years.

While Legends of Tomorrow may not be coming back as a series, Arrowverse still has ways to include the show. The Flash’s Armageddon event in season 8 brought many heroes over from shows that were already over, with Batwoman’s Javicia Leslie being the one exception. Just because a show comes to an end, whether it be on its own terms or through cancellation, it doesn’t necessarily mean farewell to those characters for good. Depending on what storylines they do next year, it wouldn’t be unheard of for The Flash season 9 to find a way to tie up loose ends for Legends of Tomorrow, especially as they also tackle time travel every season.

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