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‘Call The Midwife’ Season 11 Episode 8 Recap: meditations in an emergency

Every season, the GBH Drama staff sit down to watch the latest and greatest in British dramas. And now, just a few short months after the last season, we have the springtime return of PBS favorite, Call The Midwife. Between our scrappy nurses, sassy nuns and gut-wrenching emotional trauma that somehow keeps you wanting more, there’s a lot to be excited about. Need a refresher on what happened last season? Check out our Season 10 and 2021 Holiday Special recaps here. Ready? Take a deep (lamaze) breath, and prepare yourself for Season 11!

Hey so the penultimate episode of this season was pretty intense, huh? Here’s the deal: I’m gonna dive right in, and every so often, when things just get too stressful, we’ll all get to look at a gif of a cute animal. Sound good? Ok, moving on: as you might expect, this week starts pretty much right where we left off. Rescue workers are struggling to reach the train in order to help the injured get away from the wreckage, and our friends at Nonnatus are busy setting up a first aid station when a bloodied Boots runs up to Fred where he’s directing traffic outside.

Yeah, pretty much your typical disaster situation. Also an ongoing disaster is Kiddo’s experience over at St. Cuthberts: she hasn’t delivered the placenta in the hospital-allotted 30 minutes, which is a bureaucratic distinction, not a clinical one: as Sister Frances points out, a natural placenta delivery can take up to an hour. Anyway, the hospital midwife insists on giving Kiddo an injection to speed that along, against her wishes, and then ignores Kiddo’s repeated request to see her baby. It’s Sister Frances who finally explains that the baby was just born too early to survive.

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