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‘Breaking Bad’ scene becomes viral TikTok trend 14 years later

Skyler, a suburban housewife with no idea her husband Walter White is a drug dealer, confronts Walter’s much younger accomplice Jesse, warning him to stop selling marijuana to Walter. Jesse’s deadpan “OK” response is hilarious because viewers know he’s completely innocent of that particular charge. The sound now has 85,000 videos associated with it.

What is the viral Skyler White trend on TikTok?
TikTokers use the sound to discuss similar confrontations where the person was totally off the mark.“My parents: Make sure your friends won’t be a bad influence on you,” the caption read in @zacverkamp’s video with the sound. He mimed Skyler’s dialogue as his parents. “Me, who is most definitely the bad influence to my friends,” the caption read as he lip-synced Jesse’s “OK.“My BF: ‘Do not cheat on me.’ Me tryna take hot selfies for my story just so my BF will swipe up on them,” @annaxsitar wrote in a caption.“‘Do not go to parties in high school,” @rylanoliviamcknight said in a TikTok. “Me knowing I wasn’t even invited.”

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