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Below Deck Med: Why Fans Are Over Kyle & Natasha’s Laziness

Romance and heartbreak are in the air for the Below Deck Mediterranean interior crew, and now it’s reflecting on their performance, specifically on second stew, Kyle Vilijoen, and chief stew Natasha Webb. The other second stew, Natalya Scudder, has separated herself from the duo after feeling like she is taking on most of the workload. Kyle and Natasha have banded together, calling Natalya a “snitch” and a “backstabber.”

Kyle and Natasha’s reaction to Natalya has left fans angry. Throughout the charter season, Natasha and Kyle have been mainstays on service, while Natalya toils away in laundry and cleaning up after the late-night crew, who leaves the pantry a mess at the end of the night. This has Below Deck Med fans calling out Natasha’s romance issues with her ex-boyfriend and Kyle’s distracting relationship with previous charter guest Frank as to why they are failing on their jobs.

During last night’s episode of Below Deck Med, Natalya became frustrated after Natasha and Kyle left the pantry in a state of disarray after staying up till 5 a.m one night on service. In fact, the pantry was such a mess that it came to the attention of Captain Sandy Yawn, who then complimented Natalya for her work ethic and proceeded to pull Natasha aside and tell her to work on her time management skills. After this conversation, Natasha and Kyle decided they would stay in that night to organize the pantry. This prompted more anger from Natalya, who insisted they were cleaning late to be selfish, wanting to miss out on Below Deck Med deckhand Mzi Demper’s birthday celebration.

Now fans are weighing in on the drama. Twitter user Queen Rhi said, “Tasha is the worst chief stew ever, her Kyle are both seriously grating on me.” Another user, The DisCountess, said, “Sorry Natasha you’re wrong. You and Kyle keep leaving Natalya messes to clean up. She isn’t coming for your job she’s trying to stop doing everyone else’s job too.” While many fans agreed Natasha and Kyle were in the wrong about leaving the boat messy, one Below Deck Med fan thought that the problem lies with Natalya for not communicating effectively. Twitter user Thugalicious said, “I don’t understand the hate for Tasha and Kyle I don’t think Nat is that great, and she’s not a great person. Kyle hit [it] on the head she bottles emotions so it makes her testy.”

Despite Below Deck Med chief stew Natasha being consumed by her ex-boyfriend and Kyle’s obsession with new flame Frank, it appears the work may finally improve in time. Maybe Natalya will take a page out of their book and become distracted with new Below Deck Med bosun Storm Smith, whose budding relationship has already been the focus of the crew’s gossip. Only time will tell, but with several more charters to go and Jason Gaskell possibly leaving mega yacht Home, Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 still has plenty more ahead.

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