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Are Alexander Dreymon And Arnas Fedaravičius From The Last Kingdom Friends In Real Life?

Arnas Fedaravičius sat down with Winter is Coming to talk about his character, bastard-turned-warrior Sihtric, and the friendships he’s formed while working on “The Last Kingdom.” Though Alexander Dreymon has previously discussed how tight-knit he is with Fedaravičius (via Stack), the actor behind Sihtric offered his own thoughts here by talking about his friendship with Dreymon and other cast members. “I feel like, we didn’t really intend it that way in season 2, but then as soon as we met up and were introduced to each other, we became really close friends, really fast,” Fedaravičius recalled. “We started spending so much time together off-screen, working out, having dinners, helping each other with tapes. Just lots and lots of time together. And bit by bit, we started realizing that’s what gives life to the show,” the actor concluded.

Fedaravičius is right about that. Anyone who has watched “The Last Kingdom” will note the authenticity that accompanies the comradery between the warriors in the series. Furthermore, the chemistry between the characters helps make the world and its denizens feel more authentic and nuanced.

“I think it’s a blessing to work with actors that are so open. Some of us have a hundred ideas a day; Mark [Rowley] has a hundred ideas a day,” Fedaravičius said of his co-star. “Not all of his ideas can land, but we’re so open to them that it just creates this space, so I’m happy to hear the chemistry play out,” he finished. Though the series has come to an end, it sounds like many members of the cast of “The Last Kingdom” have developed friendships that will continue to bond them outside of the world of the show that they worked on together for so many years.

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