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Werewolf By Night Has No Plans To Crossover With Moon Knight

Werewolf By Night was finally previewed at D23 and now many fans along with the critics are surprised to see Marvel Studios going into a “darker” route. But Michael Giacchino says there are currently no plans for Moon Knight to be a part of the dark plans for Werewolf by Night.

Marvel Studios’ Werewolf By Night trailer was shocking because many people associate Marvel Studios with being a very lighthearted studio in terms of the way they make their movies. Their films are known for relying on tension-breaking humor, brighter film lighting, and being more inclusive for younger audiences. However, many forget to consider the last two Avengers films, the Doctor Strange sequel, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and even Shang-Chi as being partly serious films.

With that being said, Moon Knight was the first thought on everyone’s mind as a potential character to crossover into Werewolf by Night, as his solo show blended its dark themes with lighthearted humor very well. However, director Giacchino said to Entertainment Tonight Canada, “Moon Knight first appeared in Werewolf by Night in the comics years ago. That’s what everyone is thinking. Yeah, there are no immediate plans for anything like that.” It is clear that Marvel Studios is aware of the immediate connection but seems more committed to establishing this character first before there are any run-ins with any of the MCU’s growing roster, including Mahershala Ali’s Blade.

Marvel Studios had a lot of crossovers in both the third and fourth phases of its cinematic arc. Doctor Strange 2 dealt with wizard/witch spell casting, Spider-Man: No Way Home had alternate universes as well as mind-erasing spells, and Shang-Chi brought in mythical creatures along with the resurgence of a very ancient powerful artifact. The recent movies introduced new supernatural elements with them that have been bridging the gap to one day bring in Marvel’s “underworld” of superheroes, the Midnight Suns.

The Midnight Suns have changed their members throughout media but typically consist of Moon Knight, Blade, and Doctor Strange, to name a few heroes. These characters have also had team-ups and run-ins with the Werewolf from Marvel Studios’ upcoming horror project, so it led many to wonder when Moon Knight would be meeting him.

Hopefully, Marvel Studios will continue to utilize Moon Knight and not get rid of him. It would be a shame for fans not to see Marc Spector interact with any number of Marvel heroes. Seeing him engage with Spider-Man would be reminiscent of some of their past interactions in the comics and will no doubt ensure hilarity on screen.

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