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Power Book II: Ghost season 3 premiere date: The home stretch

Are you curious to learn about a Power Book II: Ghost season 3 premiere date over at Starz? We tend to think it’s coming this fall and with that, we could learn more soon!

Now, how soon are we talking? That is one of the burning questions, and we tend to think that the folks at Starz are already thinking about this on some level. They have to be, right? It should be a big priority for them to get the promotional train rolling on this before Power Book III: Raising Kanan concludes, largely as a means to ensure that there is a constant amount of publicity here for the franchise. Have you seen our most-recent Power Book III: Raising Kanan review? If not, be sure to check that out below! After you check it out, be sure to also SUBSCRIBE to Matt & Jess on YouTube for some other insight.

We would consider the next month or so to be the home stretch when it comes to a premiere date announcement. In particular, we’d be watching every week in case there is a Ghost teaser before Raising Kanan with a date attached to it. The second or third week of November could be when we actually see Michael Rainey Jr. and the cast back, and that would make a whole lot of sense, all things considered here. It’s the same window that we saw last year, so why would the network try to change something now? They have a system that clearly works. Whenever we DO get a teaser for what lies ahead, it’s our hope that we see a little bit of footage for what’s coming. In particular, we want to see how Monet is handling the death of Zeke, what’s happening now with Tariq and Brayden, and also a new face or two who will be coming into this world.

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