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NBC’s One Chicago: Where We Left Off On Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., And Chicago Med

The three shows of One Chicago are just days away from returning for the 2022 TV premiere season, and NBC is keeping them blocked together in their usual time slots for Chicago Wednesdays. Not all of the finales ended on intense cliffhangers, as Chicago Fire closed on the implication of violence, Med ended with some major characters’ lives in very real jeopardy, and P.D. ended after a case went from bad to worse and ended in a death. A lot happened in One Chicago back in May, so let’s take a look at what to remember from where we left off with Fire, P.D., and Med. Chicago Fire is the longest-running of the three shows with more than 200 episodes already aired, so let’s start there!

Stella was promoted and Stellaride got married. After their wedding was threatened by everything ranging from Severide being attacked (and his attacker being knocked out of a window to his death) to their venue being double-booked, Stella and Severide did eventually tie the knot. Casey came back for the nuptials, and it was a happy and heartwarming way to end a season that had seen a lot of ups and downs… except for the pesky cliffhanger. At least Stella is now the officer on Truck 81 after passing the lieutenant exam!

Their wedding night probably won’t go well. Stella and Severide went off to spend their wedding night in a secluded cabin, which seemed like a good idea considering how often catastrophes requiring their skills happen in Chicago. Unfortunately, a dark pickup truck pulled up unbeknownst to either of them. It seems that Severide may still have a price to pay from some very bad people for his actions in the penultimate episode.

Brett is back, but Casey is not. Brett and Casey returned to Chicago from Portland for the Stellaride wedding. It was the first time Casey had appeared since his departure early in Season 10, and Brett’s first since she decided that she needed to spend more time with the man she loved. The return made Brett realize that her life is tethered to Chicago, and she couldn’t move to Portland, even for Casey. They didn’t make it 100% clear if this was a breakup, but it seems that this was the end of Brettsey.

Emma is gone, but Violet may have eyes for Gallo. Violet was in hot water in the second half of Season 10 when Emma (Brett’s replacement) found out about her relationship with Chief Hawkins and decided to blackmail to try and get her permanent spot at Firehouse 51. Although Emma was ousted after she abandoned her partner on a dangerous call, Violet was left feeling like Hawkins could have done more to help her… as she confided in none other than Gallo.

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