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Jacob Elordi May Be Kissing Someone Else In The Kissing Booth 2

Netflix’s teen rom com The Kissing Booth scored a sequel months ago, and without Wattpad author Beth Reekles releasing a follow-up book to Noah and Elle’s love story, fans have wondered exactly how the new movie could play out. Now, we know that there will be major drama with Noah (Jacob Elordi) and Elle (Joey King) when Netflix drops the next Kissing Booth chapter…and it already involves a cool college girl.

Legends of Tomorrow actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers is heading to The Kissing Booth 2, per Deadline, as a “perfect” new friend of Noah’s whom he meets during his first year at Harvard. (Yes, Noah attends Harvard, because this is a movie.) Elle, who just had a seriously romantic summer with her motorcycle driving, leather jacket-wearing beau, has to decide “how much she trusts” her boyfriend, all while navigating feelings for handsome classmate Marco (newcomer Taylor Perez).

Elle’s ride-or-die Lee (Joel Courtney) is also involved in the action, though it’s unclear if he will have a romantic subplot moving forward. He’s just trying to get into his dream college which, I presume, is not Harvard? (What, like it’s hard?) Though there is no Kissing Booth sequel out yet, author Reekles announced the sequel The Kissing Booth 2: Going the Distance shortly after Netflix made their announcement. She also claimed on Twitter that the new film would be based on the second book, despite the book hitting shelves in January of 2020. A novella spin-off, The Beach House, hit shelves May 11, after previously being available on WattPad.

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