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Idris Elba On Daughter Not Speaking To Him For Weeks After Not Getting Role In Beast Movie

Idris Elba is sharing the tense environment he lived through after his daughter Isan didnt land a role in his latest movie Beast for lack of chemistry on camera.

Interestingly enough my daughter auditioned for this role Elba said during an appearance on The Breakfast Club. She wants to be an actress and she auditioned and it came down to chemistry in the end. The relationship in the film and the relationship between my daughter was the chemistry wasnt right for film weirdly enough. Beast Review Idris Elba Battles Rogue Lion Out For Revenge In Exciting But Familiar Man-Vs.-Animal Thriller After not getting the part Elba said his daughter didnt talk to him for about three weeks.

It was producer Will Packer who had to give Isan the news she wouldnt be acting with her father as he sees her as his little niece. Packer gave props to Elba for not going the route of nepotism and asking producers to put his daughter through the ropes in the audition process.

He auditioned with her and he was very tough on her Packer added.  Elba said  Listen at the end of the day were going to make the best decision for the movie. I trust you Will trust the director and she was very good very close. Packer noted that  some of the nuances of that real-life relationship sometimes doesnt translate on screen.

Elba also gave props to his daughter for being very gracious about the process and for accompanying him to the films premiere. Packer is hopeful that everyone will definitely be seeing Isan on a film soon.


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