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Has Rick and Morty Season 6 Ruined Morty Forever?

Rick and Morty has made some big revelations about the series’ lore following the massive cliffhanger from the end of the fifth season, but Season 6 is getting dangerously close to going too far as the series might have ruined Morty by setting back all of his growth so far! One of the most compelling connecting threads leading into the sixth season was the fact that Morty was starting to push back against Rick the more he starts to come into his own. But the series might have set itself back if this drive to push back has been reset forever.

Season 6 is only two episodes in at the time of this writing, but it’s already been a tough couple of weeks for Morty. Not only did the premiere reveal to him that his real grandfather is actually the Rick that killed Rick C-137’s original Diane and Beth (and thus setting him out on this chaotic journey), but the second episode fractured his mind across a billion different NPC characters within the Roy: A Life Well Lived Game. But at the end of the episode, one part of him notably stayed behind and shared a pretty notable change in his demeanor afterward.

In Season 6 Episode 2, “Rick: A Mort Well Lived,” a Morty NPC named Marta stood out from the rest of the world as the one that could take charge of the others and have such an influence that when she had defied Rick’s plan of gathering all the Mortys to leave the game (of which Marta denied only because she realized how little Rick values this defiant and independent part of Morty’s personality). It had gotten to such a stage, that Rick came to respect this small part of Morty and allowed Marta to stay in the game and live out the rest of her virtual life.

But the main question from here on out is whether or not Marta is the defiant part of Morty that had developed over the seasons. When Morty comes to back in reality, he immediately agrees with Rick and everything he says stating that Rick “knows best” and that he trusts him “implicitly.” Summer asks whether or not Morty is alright after all of it, and Rick thinks back to the part of Morty he left behind in the game.

If this is Rick and Morty’s way of resetting Morty to the more demure and accepting version of the character we saw in earlier seasons, then it really hurts the development they have had as a duo thus far. The both of them have matured in their partnership whether Rick admits to it (or likes it) or not, but that just might not matter anymore if Marta was the developed part of his character now left behind.

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